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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Facebook, Flies and Pictures

Greetings all! I've been reading up and doing homework for my wife and I to have our first visit in September.

We've just turned 50 and can't wait to meet new folks! A few things I haven't seen asked yet:

* I post on Facebook and would like to check in when we arrive. I'm trying to wrap my head around how some of my friends, family and coworkers will respond! Anyone have any good or bad experiences with that?

* Read some about the occasional flies. What's the best thing to use to ensure you're not bitten?

* We would never take pictures of anyone without asking obviously. Would it be OK to ask someone to take our picture to remember the day or do most people there react poorly to any picture taking?

Thanks, can't wait for our first visit!

Making My First Trip Tomorrow, Weather Dependent

Hi! I'm a newbie around here, but I've been lurking for a little while. I've had tomorrow marked off on my calendar for about a month, thinking it was going to be the day. First time to Gunnison, first time to any type of nude beach. I was getting excited... then I checked the weather forcast.

I've got about a two hour drive to get there... what do we think are the odds of the weather being terrible? If it gets a little rainy to people tend to clear out? Do they close the beach? Is it worth going at all at that point?

Along the same lines, what is the average weekday turnout like this time of year?


 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Beach Partner

Smile Hello all beach goers. Planning to visit Gunnison Wednesday the 12th in the afternoon. How busy will it be? Hoping to meet some fun couples our singles to chat with. If your going and want to meet let me know. Attractive 40 yr. old guy here, interested in couples, ladies and or bisexual conversations. Have a great day and look forward to meeting on Wednesday.  Cool

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Love to come on modays!!

sand sled

so after nearly having a heart attack using the pack mule approach to bring our stuff to the beach, i got smart. i thought. got a wagon with larger than average wheels. great on paper. clearly the huge balloon type tires are the way to go. not having that budget, has any tried a sled. amazon has a "terrain sport sled" that looks like it may work. anyone tried such a thing?

Sunday the 16th

My wife and I are coming down on Sunday the 16th. We've been a few times and we always end up just sitting by ourselves. Hoping to talk on here and possibly hang out with some people. We're a mid thirties couple just looking to have a good time.

Is Gunnison Beach safe for my 4-year-old son?

Planning on visiting next month on a Saturday morning until around 2 PM. Just wondering how family-friendly is this Beach? (We are all nudists)

Is Gunnison Beach safe for my 4-year-old son?

Planning on visiting next month on a Saturday morning until around 2 PM. Just wondering how family-friendly is this Beach? (We are all nudists)

Tomorrow it is!!

Looks like a beautiful day tomorrow!
Looks like we are planning to go with friends! Can't wait!!!!

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Nervous , older and not in shape want to go tomorrow 7/9- looks like its going to be a great Beach day!

I was thinking of going Sunday 7/9 but feel a little nervous as I will be flying solo as my other half does not like the beach.

I am wm, 52, 5'10", 240lbs so older and out of shape( More of a Dad Bear; I guess since I have grey hair I've herd the term Polar bear-LOL)  as I do love the beach and especially being nude at the beach. Used to go out to Robert Moses near the Fire Island Light house years ago. Nothing more freeing than swimming in the ocean naked. Would love to find other people to hang with and meet new friends. Hit me up and say hi. I live 2 hourrs North and would love to get down multiple times this summer.

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Sunday parking

Greetings all,
Planning on make our first trip down this year tomorrow ( my wife's first time ever) Unfortunately won't be able to get to Gunnison until 11 or 12.
What's the parking situation at that time? I know there's North beach overflow parking, but will that be filled up by then too?
Thanks for any input.

Another set of newbies

Going to Gunnison when I was younger was one of those things I thought about but would never do. Now, at 37, I can say I've been there and done that. Me and the gf have been talking about it for a while, neither of us had ever gone CO. We had to go to Allentown, PA (about halfway to the Jersey Shore from home) and we figured we'd make a trp out of it. We ended up on the beach Thursday July 6. Kind of sucked because it was cloudy and drizzly but I wasn't going to turn back. We stayed for maybe an hour or two but she was cold and the rain got annoying. But we're DEFINITELY going back! We're already planning our next trip. I have a fifth wheel camper and it's unfortunate that I can't set up in the parking lot for the weekend cause that would be perfect. I'll have to find somewhere close to shack up, I guess. But it was definitely a great experience and we can't wait to go back!


Note: my first time going full monty in the sunshine for an extended period of time. No sunscreen. What gets burnt? My shoulders!

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Monday July 10

Anyone going on Monday the 10th? I have to stop at work and it's halfway to the beach

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Clothed section, nude now ok?

Was at Gunnison July 2 and 3 and noticed that the area signed Clothing Reguired, was about 33% nude and 75% topless females.  Rangers and Lifeguard never said anything like in past years. What was nice is it opened up much more waterfront. 

Does anyone have more detail on this?  

July 15 - YNA is looking for participants at the beach for photo/interview project

Reposting this from YNA's web site. I've joined YNA for a few activities and they're cool people.

If you're interested, fill out the contact form on their event page ahead of time.

Participate in our Gunnison Beach Nude Photography Project!

On Saturday July 15, participants are needed for a special photography project on Gunnison Beach!

Our goal is to document some of the people that visit the beach using nude photography and short interviews.

We will be photographing people individually, either in a natural pose and / or while enjoying the beach (swimming, sunbathing, etc).

Participants will be asked to give a few basic personal details (first name, age / range, where you’re from, etc) and to answer a series of questions about themselves (ie How long have you been coming to Gunnison? What do you like about the nude beach?).

We want to include as diverse a group as possible, but there are no requirements to participate other than a willingness to be photographed nude and to be over the age of 18 or with a parent / legal guardian present if under 18.

You are not required to use your real name. But we will not be taking “anonymous” photographs – ie, you do need to be comfortable with your face being visible in photos.

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