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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

20-30yr old beach group

Hey all, just wondering if there are many 20-30 yr old individuals on here who might like to set up a group to hang out in. Myself a straight, 30yr old male often gets unwanted/unsolicited advances from other men. I feel like getting a group together of males and females within this age range could be fun as well as a deterant from horn-dogs.

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Beach Mats- Gunnison Go Fund me Campaign

Good morning Everyone .... As  beach season will be here in about 60 days its time to focus our attention on the ongoing Go Fund me effort for Mobi mats to easy the march of Death down to our favourite beach. Please follow the link listed and donate any amount.

hello all nudists

Good Morning Everyone.  I am not new at nudity, I was raised as a nudist.  

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To be free again!

I am excited that In a few months summer will be here. Last summer was my first experience at gunnison and I loved it. The people were nice, it was calm, relaxing and I felt so comfortable.

Hoping to have some great times and experience this summer! Hope you do too!

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The naked truth – research finds nudism makes us happier


Researchers led by Dr Keon West (Department of Psychology) investigated the associations between naturist activity and psychological well-being, as well as the immediate effects of two real naturist events on participants’ life-satisfaction.

The first study - an online survey of some 850 British people of a variety of ages, ethnicities and religions - found that those who spent time naked or partially naked around others (eg. topless sunbathing or taking part in World Naked Cycle Rides), also liked their own bodies more, thought better of themselves, and were more satisfied with their lives overall.

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New to this site and I have never been to a C/O beach

As the title says....I am new to this site and have never been to a clothing optional beach.  I have read just about all I really needed to know about trying this for the first time.  I'm excited to get there and try it out.  I'm sure I'll be shy and a little nervous at first but hopefully it wil be easier than I think to adjust and remove the clothes.  I'll probably start out like my profile picture on here.  Hopefully it will be an easy and enjoyable transition.

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The water temp. is up to 44.4´F. Not bad, it's up 5 degrees in 4 days.

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Tequila makes your clothes fall off!!

2015 my wife dragged me down to Gunnison. (I know, I know, its usually the other way We sat right on the line of where the clothing optional beach started. Still fully clothed, we started drinking tequila. Within a half hour my wife turns to me and says "i dont know about you but, I came here to get naked". Not to be outdone,(thanks to the tequila) before she could undress I jumped up and removed my bathing suit before she did. We both burst out laughing.

Then the ranger came by and asked us to please move over into clothing optional area.

We were both hooked and try and make it down as much as possible now. Met some really nice folks along the way. Looking foward to 2017, it cant come fast enough. I wish we discovered this years ago.

Question: How does Gunnison compare to other nude beaches? It seems the social atmosphere at Gunnison is unmatched compared to other places we have read about.


anybody out there today?

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Smile I'm not new to nudity, just new to this site. I have attended the spa parties in Delaware and have gone to the beach a couple of times. I haven't been in a couple of years but I miss it a lot so I will be back soon. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and to say keep on living clothes free!!

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While sitting at July Duty this morning with nothing to do but watch the snow fall I started to search twitter.  Low and behold I found @GunnisonBeach.  Other than my post a few weeks ago it looks like the last post was in 2011.  Has anyone ever used it?

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Just a thought


As we are anxiously awaiting warmer weather and our return to Gunnison I had an interesting thought.

Many of us are members of this forum & not just readers and some are frequent commenters. Here’s my thought: what if someone designed a logo of some sort so that we could all share. Download, purchase, etc. Then, when we go to Gunny we could post the logo somewhere near where we sit and then fellow members could quickly recognize that we are one of them. It would be an easy way to get acquainted in person and perhaps develop an even closer Community.

Just throwing it out as food for thought. What do you think?


Crappy winter!   No beach days so far.  Shitty weather even borked the polar plunge.  Argh!  

Last year was awesome.  Made a bunch of winter trips.

Has anyone been to Gunnison recently?  Beach report?? 

Might go tomorrow (1/21).  No sun, but 50 and light winds.  I can make that work.  Not expecting a big crowd though. 

Food at Gunny for 2017

I have heard from an electrician friend who's been working at the food consession at Gunny that they do not plan to reopen the consession this year but will still have food trucks to choose from. Just in case anyone might be interested.

Anyone been to Playalinda beach Orlando, FL?

Hey nudists,

Can anyone give me some information about nude experience at Playalinda beach? I had enough of this cold waether. Wanna shed my clothes and have some good time. But, I'm not sure about the crowd size during winter. I will appreciate any feedback. 

Thanks in Advance



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