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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!


The only time I can really make it down to Gunny is after work on the weekdays. Just curious how many people are around after 5 on a typical decent weather Weds/Thurs. I would probably still go even if it were relatively empty, but of course it'd be more fun with others around! Thanks to anyone who replies!

First for the year

Wink Big smile ,Getting in a couple of hours in for the first time this year. Turning to be ok day so far


Was thinking about going tomorrow early. Will anyone be there?

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Going Sunday 7/30

Been multiple times before and looking to go on Sunday July 30th...all company would be appreciated and would be great to get to know some more people from here Smile

Looking for a nice female partner

Hi all beautiful girls,

I would like to come visit the beach on Sunday July 30 but still looking for a female partner.

I'm a super

friendly intelligent guy.

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Wed 7/26

Beautiful day Not too hot!!!

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Here at the beach today

Called in sick.  


The beach is great.  Anyone else here?

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She can't be persuaded

65 yr old, on business trip from Indiana.  My wife of 44 years can't be persuaded to visit a place like Gunnison.  Makes it lonely to go solo to the beach.  I’m in sales, so I like hanging out with people.  Will be there July 29 and 30.  Would like to meet up with anyone who’d like to converse.


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Wednesday 7/26/17

My wife and I are headed out to Gunnison tomorrow morning. Anyone else going? If so, look for us under the red sport-brella and say hi. We'd love to find some beach friends.

Anyone in their 30's

Anyone in their 30's go? I am 34/m, wife is soon to be 30 and we would like to make friends or at least have people to chat with while there. We are friendly but new to the scene and would like a comfortable atmosphere with like minded and respectful couples within age range. As I'm sure everyone would. Open to others too, just easier relatable in this age bracket


Went there this past Thursday on a very hot day. Wife and I were looking at pictures and she notices the "no tan lines" shirt at the food truck. She didn't notice them when going in. Wants to get one but we are in lower Westchester which is a trek for a t shirt and not sure if we can get back this year. Anyone know how else to buy one? I checked the store on this site and they are not there.

Gonna give it a try this weekend

So a friend and I will be heading out to Gunnison Beach this weekend for the 1st time. Neither of us has been to a nude beach before. We're very excited. Hoping someone could answer a few questions.

1. Any decent motel recommendations. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just a nice clean room as close as possible to the beach.

2. What's parking like and how long of a walk is it?

3. What a good time to get there on a Saturday? I'm sure it'll be packed. 

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to the trip.

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April in July

Eh! April conditions for today: Cloudy, low 70s. I'll have to aim for tomorrow. 

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Going to Gunnison on Sat. July 29th with my husband, we are wanting to meet up with some friends for some laughs, drinks & sun!

My husband & I are in our 40's, and we want to meet some new friends to hang out with at the beach. We have been to Gunny a few times and we love it!! We meant a few people, and it always makes it more fun to laugh & get sun with others !!!

We are on KIK Maynarddane


this weekend

Because of family commitments, I was not able to go this weekend. I was very unhappy about that. I was hoping to see some of the folks I met last weekend. But I will be going Tuesday. I prefer to go on weekends because of the larger crowds but any day at this beach is a good day.

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