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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Today is going to be a great gunnison day!

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Sunday 6/11 West breeze

Were there any flies because of the westerly breeze today? Sunday 6/11

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Cheers from Central NJ

Big smile

Hi everyone! I am Amy and I am very happily spoken for by my husband Tom. Today (6/11) was our second time to G beach. Now that Tom has weekends off, thanks to a career change, we plan on coming down as often as possible. We purchased a season pass this morning! Although I wouldn't consider myself a nudist "per say" I am very comfortable in my own skin and absolutely love the nude beach (and being naked). 

Funny story, I did not realize that there is a "clothes on" section. We set up our clam shell and got naked when I realized crap! we are in the wrong area. But since this was our first beach day of the season, it took us a bit to get the clam shell all set up, so we were like eff it, we'll suck it up for today and make sure we sit in the correct area next time.  :p 

I personally enjoy meeting new people, so if you see us there please say Hi! I have short blonde hair and a dragon tattoo on my back. (And YES, I did read all of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books and saw the movies, but I had the tattoo before they all came out)

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On our way to Gunny now!

We're a 20s couple looking to meet some people on the beach today, our kik is Philly322, we'll probably get settled down around 11 right on the left edge near the clothed area, come up and say hi

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first time tomorrow 12 June 2017

going for the first time on a early weekday just to get my feet wet. excited, nervous but ready to visit for the first time.

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Will the water be too cold for a swim?

Young 20's couple wondering about how many people will be on the beach tomorrow (6/11) and if anyone has made it out into the water, is it still too cold? 

Sunday 6/11

Hey, my girlfriend and I will be at the beach tommorrow around 11 AM in to the evening.  22 and 21 years old.

If any couples around our age are interested in linking up, let us know.  We can exchange kiks and chat.

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11 June 2017


It will be my first time at this beach tomorrow. I'll have a tan chair and a groovy colored umbrella if you want to talk to me. I plan on staying from sunrise to sunset.

Going first time Sunday 6/11

going first time


singledad looking for new adventure


where should i sit


what happens id it get erection

Concerns about going to beach

I recently moved to NJ and just heard about Gunnison Beach. While I haven't been to a nude beach before, I'd like to give it a try. However, I'm very hesitant because of my job - I'm an educator and am afraid that if my employer found out or, even worse, my students saw me or found out, I could be fired. I'm also very worried about photographs and social media. As the beach is a public place, I was wondering if there are other safer places to work on a good summer tan?

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June 12th and 13th

I'm ready for my first beach days in Gunnison this year! Let me know if you want to be friendly!

Nudity taught me something about cooking

I was lounging around the house naked, of course, and decided to start making dinner.  I was going to try pork fajitas using pork tenderloin.  The recipe called for using a meat mallet to pound the pork to 1/4" thick.  I have never pounded pork naked before (please no jokes) and it was quite an interesting discovery to feel how far the pork juices splashed.  Afterwards, the counter and everything on it got a complete disinfecting.  If I had been clothed I never would have known how unsanitary this was.  Now I have to put some shorts on to go start the grill; not sure my neighbor would share my enthusiasm on this cooking discovery.

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June 11th

My hub and I will be in Gunny on Sunday June 11th! Stop by and say Hi to us!! We always like meeting new and old friends!!

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