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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

Profile Pics

So I noticed that a solid 75% of user profile pictures on this forum are of naked men's lower halves.  Just dicks.  Many of them being close ups.  And in many they're not even on the beach..they're just home selfies. 

Has anyone ever considered that this probably makes the beach seem way more sexually aggressive than it actually is?  If I were a first timer that was looking into the beach via this website, I'd probably assume that Gunnison is packed with single men with the sole purpose of trying to fuck (which obviously there are, but it's rarely ever an issue).  I just get the feeling that it might put people off from our community, especially younger women and couples.

Image galleries are cool.  But the profile picture thing is pretty strange.  If you disagree, no need to get angry or flame - tell me why.


Saturday April 29


May 6....anyone going? 60 degree temperatures.

We are from Ohio.  Is anyone else going with 60 degree temperatures?

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Gunnison Guys Kik group

Hey guys, I created a Kik group just for the guys of gunnison. Just search gunnison guys on the Kik group page

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First Time

Hi all! My name is Ryan 27 years old. I'm totally new to all of this and just wanted to say that today was my first trip to the beach, actually my first time nude in public and I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to go back.

Anybody want to share tips or stories they'd be greatly appreciated. If your on Kik my name is JerseyShoreRy

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Nice Beech day.

Wow , it felt like mid summer. Yea the "Giants fokes made a good showing Party.

I would say 200 people.  There was a good looking girl by the name of Victoria she was in the water full swimming for 1/2 hour.... I could only stand a few minutes. They were sitting right next to me turns out. Spoke ro meny fokes on the beech. Good times like summer.

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Finally Ready

Hello everyone my name is Chris.  I'm 33 years old.  I just moved to the area.  I plan on coming to the beach in the next two weeks.  Most likely I will be solo.  I'm a social person and would love to make new friends.  I was wondering if there is a way for people to know if you are open to have conversation.  Like, a certain color shirt or towel to put on your chair.  For anyone that might see me, I always wear a Yeti baseball cap backwards. Please say hi.   Also, I'm sure nobody cares but do guys at the beach typically shave or manscape?  Is it the reg?  Silly questions I know. 


I am super excited to enjoy the sun out there. 

My first time at Gunnison, nude beach male freedom

Smile I am 63 now but in good shape.  Male, widowed and looking to explore Gunnison and new friends, male or female.  Hoping for a great summer on the beach


Nets up?

Anybody who has already been out, are the v-ball nets up? Thanks.

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Summer trip

I'm hoping to make my first trip this summer. Since it's a bit of a drive, I was thinking I might stay over and make a weekend out of it. Does anybody know any hotels and places to hang out in the area? I'm in my mid 20s and am always down for a bar or post-beach naked partying.

Saturday 4/29 is looking pretty darn good for me.

Planning on heading out to Gunny Saturday morning. It will be my first time this season. Provided it is not too windy. Hoping to see some old friends there.


Anybody going tomorrow. I'm 42 and looking to hang out


Anybody going tomorrow. I'm 42 and looking to hang out

Are season passes on sales yet, and how much?


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Before Going to a Nude Beach Did you consider it to be on your bucket list?

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