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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

My first trip was Awesome!!

So I just got home from my first trip to Gunnison beach. All I can say is Amazing! I arrived at around 9:30 AM. I packed light, but had plenty of water. I rented a chair and umbrella from the nice guy at the rental table. I made my way to the beach on the path, which was great because of those mats thay were layed down. I found a nice spot by the lifeguards chair, set up my stuff, and stripped down. Damn! I felt SO free! I sat there for a few minutes, just watching the people go by. Then I got up went in the water. My anxieties definitely went away after that. I decided to walk up and down the beach. The people were so nice and friendly. I went back into the water another time and just enjoyed nature to the fullest. Shortly after that, I went back to my chair. Didn't even sit down, just stood and let the sun and air dry my body. 

All in all, I'm instantly in love with Gunnison beach. I can't wait to get back there asap. 

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Who’s here today?

Beautiful day right? Let me know if you’re here! Cool

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Friends at the Beach

Smile hi.
Attractive couple (43male &34 female) looking for nice couple, couples to meet at GBNJ.

Looking for twenties or thirties to early forties age-wise.


How far you drive to GB ?

We are driving from Hamptons , long drive

New guy

Hi. Im Alan. 38yo guy. I recently discovered that I love being nude. I'll be going to the beach tomorrow for the first time in the early  morning. I would love to meet other like minded people. 

Today's weather

Anyone at the beach today? Wondering what's the weather there thinking of leaving work to hit the beach

Does anyone know this guy

My wife and I were at the beach on Tuesday. We sat between lieguard station 3&4. There was a big guy there who talked very loud. He was holding court like the Mayor of the beach. He seemed to know everone. I think he was there every time We've been to the beach. Seem like a nice guy, very friendly. Just was cuious to who he is. Thanks.



I am so excited to have found this beach & site. I was at North Beach today and told me that I have always wanted to sunbath in the nude at the beach. Can't access the FAQ's to see what general info is available. I can't wait to look in mirror and see a tan nearly everywhere. 


Wednesday August 2nd

I'm going solo for the first time tomorrow.  Looking for a female partner to have a beer or good convo with.  I'll be very shy I'm sure.  I'm nervous as all shit.  I'll be the naked guy with major tan lines lol. 30 years old male here


Still at beach today with my wife. Any couples who are still here and want to meet and talk we would love that. We only have a few more hours left on beach, so message me if you are around and want to meet a nice couple. We are in our mid 50's

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Looking for Marcy!

We doubt you will ever read this, lol but we met you at Gunnison on Monday July 31st. We chatted for a bit, talked politics, before we left, we came over to say goodbye to you. We were a mid 20s, early 30s Trio! We are hoping to to hang out at Gunnison again, maybe have lunch and some drinks by the beach?!  


Southern end of beach is now open!


Looking for the Girl that I took pictures with me on Sunday July 30

Yestarday was my 3 visit to gunnison this year. As I came in at about 2:30  I took some pictures with a girl they came out great .It was my first time taking pictures .I never had a chance to chat with her and did not see her latter .I belive her name was Emily .i like to e-mail her the pictures I have and get the pictures she have so we both have complete set. IF any one can help it will be appreciate . Facebook or e-mail

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Monday July 31

Looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day. I plan on making the trip.

First time questions


I'm trying to find all of the logistics before coming. Is there s physical address to type in.

How far is the walk?

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