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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Newbie looking for some cool beach buds


Hey guys, I am a 38 year old latin guy in Manhattan (UWS).  I'm married but my wife has no interest in going to a nude beach so I would love to find some cool guys (or girls!) to head out with and hang out.  I am totally chill, down to earth and down to earth.  Don't have a car but willing to either rent one or chip in on an Uber (so we can drink freely!) to get out there.  I'm not gay (no against it, though) but just enjoy hanging naked so I thought i'd give this a try and see if I could find some cool like-minded people, gay, straight, bi, whatever; as long as you're cool and up for hanging out (pun intended!) drop me a line. It'd be cool if we could meet for a drink before the actual beach day to verify that we click and actually want to hang out naked all day...

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Wednesday August 9th

Hi everyone. My name is Tim. I've been to Gunnison about 20 times over the past decade or so. I've always gone solo, but I'd like to start socializing and meeting new people. If anyone is going tomorrow and would like to meet up with me (and maybe help me get sunblock on my back, LMAO!)  send me a message!


I'm going to be there around 10:30 Wednesday morning.  

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Tomorrow, Wednesday, 8/9, Party w/ us NAKED!


It's going to be a nice day tomorrow. Come join our group for a fun day in the beach. We'll be by the 2nd lifeguard stand  (#3). Look for her leopard print cowgirl hat and our leopard print flag. There'll be other flags on the pole, plus 2 wind socks.

AndL will be with us, as well as Blondie. 

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After work weekdays

Does anyone know what the crowd is like on weekdays after 5 pm?

I have only been during the day but would like to start visiting after work (im about 35 minutes away).

I'm hoping im not alone on the beach from 6pm until sunday... If snyone else hoes around then, let me know, Id love some company

Feel free to message me!


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Has anyone ever played it there? I always see groups but I've never participated. If you guys want to get a game going, let me know (I'm pretty tall too, so I'll help you win haha)

Tuesday & Wednesday

Heading over tomorrow (Tuesday 8/8) and Wednesday. We've been visiting a couple of times a year for the past 4 years. Always stay pretty far back from the water (kinda in front of and to the right of the vollyball court). Just me and my wife. We'll be wearing baseball caps while sitting in our beach chairs.

Wife is very shy about showing her body and needs encouragement to come out of her social shell. She'd probably be embarrassed if she knew I was writing this, so please be aware if you stop by. The last thing I want is for her to become even less out-going. It's taken a lot of effort to get her this far.

If you see us, please stop by and say hi to her and introduce yourself. Especially couples or even single women. (I think single guys might make her a little nervous right now so we'll cross that bridge another time). Usually use a 9' x 7' Coleman instant event shade canopy (two-tone light/dark grayish color), but tomorrow we might try out a new small blue sun canopy 1/2 tent-like sunshade...we'll see when we get there.

Hope to meet some fun couples that we can get aquainted with. It would be really nice to make some new friends.

Let's hope for great weather!






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Weds, 8/9 Roll Call

Anyone going on Weds? I was originally planning on Tuesday, but I think Weds is going to be perfect beach weather

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Weds, 8/9

Was originally thinking Tuesday, but it's looking a little too overcast for my liking. Who's going to be there on Weds? It's supposed to be 80 and sunny!


Oh and I forgot to mention the live music on the beach.  Battery powered Keyboard and singers. The musicians were pros and sounded very good.

Sunday the 5th

Another good day at Gunny. The weather was mostly overcast but it was still a good day. Sometimes being in the sun all day is punishing. The Giants area had a Limbo competiton with many people participating and watching. Mark and Vicky had a welcome tent set up and were offering people fruit soaked in 151 and other sweet cocktails. We were surrounded by friendly people and many stopped by to say hello. The south end of the beach is open so one can walk for almost a mile. This is so liberating. Some day I will do the walk without my glasses or hat to be totally naked. I will not be able to see peoples faces but it should be an experience.  Being at Gunny is  like being in the Garden of Eden. Naked with no shame, sun ,ocean, friendly people and beautiful men and woman. It does not get much better.

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Thinking about heading down this afternoon, it is 1:15.....

First timer is it worth going down now from JC - weather wise



Waiting for the sun to rise

Just waiting for the sun to rise and come out to play

Friday aug 11 newbie couple looking for company and good times !!!

Going to be going with the wife for the first time on Friday aug 11 !!!
She is bi he is not
We're looking for a fun NON PRESSURE couple to show us the ropes at gunnison

We're looking for advise on why to bring and where to get it

Specifically a. Wind blocker or something like that to give us some shade etc

Any help will be appriwcated !!!!



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August 4/5

Got lucky and will be near the beach for business. Sooooo....if you are there and want to stop by and say hey please do. Being that I attend alone I wait to be approached so as to avoid the label of creeper.

I tend to set up near the Giants flag so I can find my way back once I hit the water. There will also be a shirt tagged to my umbrella that says "you're killing me Smalls". Yep it's true I'll be the smallest guy at the beach...or at least I tend to be. But rest assured I'm good with it. It serves as a way to get noticed, we all secretly or not so secretly, want to be noticed. Anyway I won't approach you unless invited but think of this as your invitation to approach me. I have had many great experiences at gunny by just letting people come to me. I walk a lot so don't be shy. Say hey.

Who's visiting this Sunday the 6th??

Hey everybody, I will be making the trip down to gunny this sunday, August 6th.

This will be my 3rd ever visit but my first time this summer. It looks like I'm heading in solo but I'd love to meet some new friends.

Anyone else heading out this sunday? Forecast looks solid...

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