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Beach Etiquette from FOG

Friends of Gunnison BEACH ETIQUETTE



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Added New Forum

Added a place to find someone to go to the beach with.  The New Forum
I will add internal site message system so you can send messages without having to reviel your emails in the forum.
 I have added the personal message module and you can now send email to each other via each other's profile by clicking the contact tab.
I hope it helps. 

Is anyone going tomorrow (tuesday) to gunnison?

i'm a 27 year old male and im going down to gunnison tomorrow in the morning for some relaxation i was wondring if there other people going?

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Sandy Hook Traffic Cameras

Sandy Hook might have the worst traffic ever because of the bridge construction.  But they now have Web Cams watching the Traffic so you will know before you go.  Below are links to three web cams that focus on route 36 as you head into sandy hook and eventually Gunnison Beach.
Route 36 Traffic Camera

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Some Site Changes


As of now.  Images in the gallery are only accessible by registered users.  This is to stop this site from becoming something it is not meant to be.


Registered users will see the images and the thumbnails on the front page while non registered users will not see them.



The Lifegaurd
(On The Virtual Beach)

The Bridge

In checking with the ever alert NJDOT, we discovered that they expect to have the bridge construction completed by the Summer of 2011...
Good Luck !!!

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My First Time

Going to the beach.

 I had wanted to go to the beach at Gunnison since before I lived in the area.  I have been a frustrated nudist for years.  

So last year I jokingly brought it up to my wife and she said she would go.  I was like, yeah!!!!  She would not drop her suit but I was free to.  So the first opportunity i had to get me and her to the beach I took it.

Great Site Place For Gunnison

HarveNYC runs a nice group on Flickr, if you are a Flickr member take a look, you will have to apply to join.

So when you get a chance stop by and take a look.

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Have You Ever Gone Nude At Gunnison?

Welcome To Gunnison Beach NJ

OK, Not the real beach, but hopefully a nice virtual beach for when you can't get away from your desk. Like me, right now. I am looking to build a community that we can all participate in, share stories, plan events, share images, share ideas. I have seen the crowds and I know there are people out there that really like Gunnison Beach, I figured there should be a place for them to gather online as well. So I built it. Will they come? That is another question. Enjoy!! The LifeGaurd (Only On The Virtual Beach) PS This site is still being built and more features are coming.

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