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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

Questions from potential first-time couple

Hello -- my gf and I are a couple in our early 30s from Manhattan considering going out to Gunnison one day in the next couple weeks. We've been to a topless beach but never a nude beach, but were feeling adventurous and encouraged by the interesting posts on this forum. But we have a couple of questions that we didn't see the answers to and were hoping someone could help us out!


1) If we take the Seastreak ferry is there a readily apparent shuttle that will take us from the ferry terminal to the beach or do we have to pay close attention to find it? If we miss the shuttle are we #@$! out of luck and stuck walking, and how far would that walk be?


2) My gf is attractive and has the "novelty" of being Asian-American and thus seems to attract unwanted attention sometimes. The one time we went to a topless beach she had guys camping out around her trying to take stealth pictures the whole time. Does it get that bad at Gunnison and how do you guys who go with gfs or wives deal with it? Call the cops, confront the pervs, or just brush it off?


3) Real silly question -- as it is our first time at a nude beach, we don't really have any idea how to prepare from a sunscreen point of view. Ie. how much sunscreen should be applied to private parts? I especially do not want to get lotion where it would be painful to get out if you know what I mean.


Thanks for any advice!

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I might be there this evening wednesday 6-30-2010

 Going to head right there after work and try to steal a couple of hours.


Anyone else going to be there?  I am the big guy in a blue chair, near the snack bar section by the water.



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Topless beach - Asbury Park

 Whether you're the type of woman who hates tan lines or the type of dude who likes to ogle at people's chests, here's something to consider when you're planning your next beach vacation: a topless beach in New Jersey.

Taking a cue from South Beach, the Asbury Park City Council is considering a proposal to create a tops-optional section along the northern part of the town's beach, NBC New York reports. If passed, the measure would likely cause tourism to skyrocket and give the male population a little extra pep in their step.

Asbury Park, where Bruce Springsteen hung out and played regularly before he was "The Boss," is only about a 40 minute drive from Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, where the rule is already, no tops, no problem.

The Jersey shore has an amazingly entertaining reality show, how much attention does it need? Poor Delaware.



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Beach Walking

Can anyone tell me, if you can walk south from Gunnison Beach area, or are we confined to a short area, due to birds nesting. Thanks, DJ

Just a quick thought

I have been to Gunnison a few times this season now and have noticed an increase of Ranger presence. I understand they are looking for any type of lewd activity and have made a few arrests lately. I think the bigger picture here is that they are gathering data on how many arrests and incidents have occured on this beach and could use that data to close gunnison! Call me crazy, but usually when I have a feeling I must go with it. So I am asking all, if you see something that shouldn't be, don't be afraid and go up to these people to give them a heads up before the rangers do. I don't want our freedom jeopordized for a few people who can't control themselves and who don't care. Any feedback, feel free to comment. Thanks,Mattrx  

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What a gorgeous weekend!!!!!

Spent Friday and Saturday at the beach and loved every minute of it!!  Great weather .. good friends .. food and drink to your heart's content.  Life is good!!  The summer is here and its looking good!!  And the icing on the cake is there has been no traffic problems leaving the park.  YaMon!!!!  And the long range forecast is calling for another awesome weekend coming our way!!  Its all soooooo good!!!

Going for first time next Saturday

If the weather is good I plan to hit the beach nude for the first time!!! I am a little nervous and really do not know where to go on the beach. Any one got some pointers? Where to park. Where to sit. What to bring and not to bring. Is theft a problem? NewGuy 

Trying something new

Hi, all -  While I don't live anywhere near Gunnison, I'm hoping to visit in late August after I drop my daughter off at college. After 45+ years of living the boring "Ward Cleaver-like" lifestyle I'm ready to try something a bit daring, even though my wife seems to be going in the opposite direction...Even though I'll be on my own, I'd prefer to not sit by myself all day. I was hoping that by joining this forum, maybe I'd get to know a few folks - preferably couples, women, or straight guys (no offense to the gay guys, I just don't share the interest) who I could hang out with that day.Thanks, in advance, for any advice/responses...

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Sticker design



I am no artist.  If you want to design a bumper sticker I would love the help.  Just design something for a 3 inch tall by 10 inch long and upload the image.


If the people like it I will get them printed.


If you want one I made let me know the address to send it to.




first time

tomorrow (thurs jun 3 2010) im going to the nude beach for my first time. if anyone wants to meet up let me know! Smile

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How to Find a Gunnison Beach member on the beach

 Do we need a way to identify a site member on the beach?  Like a bumper sticker or something?

Comments?  Suggestions?

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What would you like on the site?

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If you are naked on the beach but completely covered by a wind screen ar you really naked or just wearing a really loose dress?

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Suntan Lotion

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Enjoy The Season!!!!



I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to all the current members and new members that are members of our community.  I love that so many people have joined and take time to share experiances and using the site to meet new friends.

You make this a great place.  Thanks.


If anyone has questions post them or ask me via contact form (If I miss the contact form send again.  Sometimes I am swamped and miss things,)


Enjoy the Season

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