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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

This coming sunday

Anyone going to be at the beach this Sunday that would like to meet up, looking to make some new beach triends

Rangers busted a guy today thursday june 22

Late today a guy was taken away by Rangers.   Does anyone know what went down?

Ride share from Trenton NJ area, will pay entrance fee, thanks

Looking to share a ride from the Trenton NJ area, live in Hamilton Twp. Close to RT 1, I-195, NJ Took, PA Tpk, walking distance to I-295.

Willing to pay the entrance fee as my share or you suggest something.

I'm 65, married but wife can't walk the distance any longer. I'm intelligent, well rounded, a good conversationalist if you choose. And I can shut up! We can sit together or separate and meet up later. However I do like the water and one of the reasons I go. I bring a chair, umbrella, towel, and a shoulder cooler.

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Any single ladies want to go with me on Sunday?

Hello everyone. I'm thinking of going to Gunnison this Sunday, June 25th but I would like to possibly meet and talk to a single lady on this website first to see if we can go together. I went a few weeks ago by myself and although I did have a great time, I was kind of bored by myself. If any single lady or lady who is in an open type of relationship is interested in possibly going with me, feel free to send me a message and I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks. Smile

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Happy Father's Day

The wife asked me what I wanted for Father's Day and since we were going to be in New York anyway I said let's go to the nude beach. To my surprise she didn't hesitate at all and said okay. We arrive at gunnison around 1:30 on Sunday 6/18. Proceded to an opening towards the front close to the water. Found our spot dropped our gear and she was topless before I even knew what was going on. I put the umbrella up, opened the chairs, got naked and settled in. We both thought we would be nervous or feel weird about being naked but since everyone else was already nude it was definitely much easier to "fit in". After about 2 hours in the wife decided she was comfortable enough to lose her bottoms. I didn't even have to ask!!!! We stayed for about 5 hours total. The time flew by. We will be back for sure. We loved it!

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First day of the season for me tomorrow!

Who's heading out tomorrow? I can't wait for my first day this year! Whoo hoo!

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First day of the season for me tomorrow!

Hey all,


I'm so happy to be coming in tomorrow. Who's going to be there?

Young married couple

Hey! Young, married manhattan couple here.  He is 29, she is 28 - looking for others who might be interested in meeting on the beach this summer.

We discovered Gunnison last summer and both really enjoyed it.  But we mainly kept to ourselves the first time, and this year we'd love to find others to hang out with.  Would be great to find other couples our age, but we're open - just looking for chill people to enjoy the day with. 

Would also be great to maybe chat or skype with others ahead of time so we wont be complete strangers when we meet on the beach. Let's us know!


I've never been to Gunnison but am heading there this Saturday for the first time.  I've been to nude beaches a few times and stayed at a nude resort in Mexico this past winter, so I'm no nubie to nudism but am to Gunnison.  What is the decorum on drinking?  Can I bring a cooler with adult beverages or is this a no no?

The water

I don't know about anyone elses feelings, But the the water temps have been pretty fair early on, it's a little cold getting into but you adjust quickly.

Beach Musicians

Hi All:

The past couple of years I have begun to get into playing music on the beach and was motivated by some very talented individuals to lug my gear from the parking lot to the sand.  My specialty is folk music and so I bring guitar and harmonica and some of my own compositions.  I'm one of the only ones I've seen with harmonicas aside from a lovely lady who plays bass and sings with her husband (sorry guys, I misplaced your business card and name on this site but you're awesome!).

Anyway, let me know if there's interest in coordinating with some dates this summer.

Also, FYI Sunny Rest Resort has a fun open mic night every Friday starting at 5pm - I've played there twice so far this year.  Very cool too, but nothing like being at the beach.

Thanks and look forward to catching up soon!


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July 1st visit

Looking ahead to next Saturday, July 1st (going to the SunnyRest Beer Fest this Saturday). If the weather cooperates, I'll be making my first visit of the season!

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Tomorrow 06/22

Hey I'm excited I'm going tomorrow! Let me know who's going to be around!

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July 5th Looking to join a group

Looking at a July 5th visit.  My wife isn't into going around here and  would rather not have to hang out alone... If anyone  plans on going and wouldn't mind some company... let me know...

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Great First Experience

I went to Gunnison via the ferry from manhattan yesterday for the first time and it truly felt like a one day vacation. Great boat ride, and the beach was so nice! Everyone seemed really friendly, though I was too intimidated to talk to anyone. I'm male and went alone (girlfriend plans on coming with me at some point) but since I have many days off that she doesn't I'll be there alone more likely. Of all the nude beaches/parks I've been to, Gunnison has been the best experience. Definitely looking forward to my next visit and hopefully I can branch out of my shell and meet some folks! Happy Beachin'!

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