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Monday Tuesday

Looking to hang with some new friends on Monday and Tuesday. I should be on the beach around noon. I have a red chair and a red and white umbrella. Share a few adult drinks and get to know you and yours. Please advise if you may be on the beach, I want to get the last of the days in.

Friday at Gunny

Smile had a great day at Gunny, plenty of people a two Beautiful women I had the pleasure of speaking to, only problem was In was oN my way out. A beautiful day an friends that were on the beach enjoying the sun and fun.


Great day to be at Gunny, temp in 70's On my way one last time to enjoy. See all soon..

Friday will be my day

Because of work Friday will most likely be my last. Hope to party with women,couples and friends. Weather looks good.

Best day

The best days are Wednesday and Friday, I may change to one. I want one last time.

I may go on Monday.  Anybody

I may go on Monday.  Anybody there this weekend, what was the weather and crowd like?

Small crowd

The crowd was tiny on Saturday (9/14).   But the weather was lousy.   Cold, windy, cloudy.   I still managed to have a good day, but I much prefer when more people are there.

Also, just a fashion comment as the temps cool down.   Guys... the shirt-with-no-pants look (aka "donald duck")... it's just no good.   I know it gets chilly out there, but it is all or nothing.   You may as well put the shorts on too.    Someone has to say it.  I am just looking out for you. 

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Sandman I LOVE the fashion

Sandman I LOVE the fashion comment and the Donald Duck reference! I agree 100%.

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I had planned to head out on

I had planned to head out on Saturday (9/14) too... but given the cool wind i passed.... This September is clearly cooler than last year... There were plenty of 80 degree days last year in the September timeframe....  Hopefully will get at least another 2 to 3 days in before it's really cold out there...

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I would be there today if it was not raining. Might try for Tuesday, 9/17. Only supposed to be 65 but thats not that bad.

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Did not make monday or tuesday but will definately be there Wednesday.

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On the beach

On the beach now. Small crowd, cool but not cold. Flys are just starting to bite


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I'm waiting for my wife to

I'm waiting for my wife to get back from the beach now. I couldn't get out of work Sad . She texted me saying the same thing, small crowd and nice weather.

On the beach


 Thinking of going tomorrow, weather a little warmer. About how many people today?


Working Wed Thursday, Friday I will be at Gunny.

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