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First time nude in public

 Hi all, today is my first time at Gunnison. Message me if you want to come by and say hello. If you're here, tell me what to look for, I'd love someone to talk to.

I would love to meet you down

I would love to meet you down there one day

So how'd it go?

So how'd it go?

 It was good.. I was there

 It was good.. I was there early, and stayed till about 4. It was a little odd taking off my shorts, but it was fun. after an hour, I even walked around, but, got a little excited at first. By the end of the day, I was under control.

I have to remember the sunscreen more... I'm a little red Smile But, I want to go again Saturday. We'll see if i can.

Yes, you have to be diligent

Yes, you have to be diligent about putting on sunscreen. I always bring a junky button-down shirt that I can slip in and out of easily, to protect my back. I'm always missing spots on my back. But the shirt hangs open, so I don't feel too covered. Don't be concerned about getting excited. That's the way it goes. Enjoy the weekend. Hope you get there.

Real-Time updates

Following Beachnewbie2010's lead, I think this website could use a "real-time" update/report section. I think this might be the first "real-time, onsite" post to this website. This could be a really useful tool that I would encourage other Blackberry-carriers (or other PDA or internet ready cell phone users) to use. It could be used to update weather, traffic, crowding, etc for people getting ready to leave or those that are thinking about going..especially on weekdays. Weekenders could report when the lot fills up and if the Hook is closed.  This would give this website a real advantage in usefulness over the Facebook based sites.
Good job by Beachnewbie2010 you.

 I think your best bet would

 I think your best bet would be to leverage for this. Create a group. 

lifeguard's picture

I will look into it

 Just need to get some free time.

Lifeguard (On Virtual Beach Only)AKA Dave(The Guy who built/hosts/runs the site)

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