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TV News Report on the Damage Caused by Hurricane at Sandy Hook

This TV news report from NJ Today shows the kind of damage caused by Hurrricane Sandy at Gunnison and the rest of Sandy Hook.

They still have five months before the season officially starts, but it looks like they still have lots of work ahead.

Much will probably depend on the amount of money, equipment and workers they can throw at the problem.

Congress has been dragging its feet on overall Sandy coverage, and you have to wonder if the National Park Service is waiting for funds to fix Gateway too? 

Here's the link to the story and video:

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That doesn't make me feel

That doesn't make me feel good. The good new is according to the video it seems like they have dealt with the unexploded ordnance issue. And if they plan to open part of the park they will probably have the water and sewer issues addressed. But what scares me is when they said that they hope to have part of the park open by memorial day. As we learned after hurricane Irene, Gunnison seems to be the lowest priority of the NPS. I am betting that if only part is open by Memorial day, Gunnison won't be one of the parts that are open. Time will tell.

If Gunnison is low-priority

If Gunnison is low-priority at Gateway NRA, that would be a shame, since I'm sure the beach gets the most use of any of Sandy Hook's beaches. 

Ideally, a quiet letter-writing campaign to members of Congress, especially ones who represent districts near Sandy Hook, could influence matters.  No one is going to make a a pro-nudist speech in front of C-SPAN cameras, but some expressions of concern properly directed could make a difference.

Does anyone think Gunnison users are sufficiently organized to take this initiative? 


It's not a matter of funding more than it is a matter of priority.  There's WW2 debris cleanup, sewer and electrical infrastructure, and roadway work that needs to be done prior to the cosmetic repair (shingles, painting, new screen doors, signage, etc).  The question is will they have enough time to get everything done by Memorial Day Weekend???  Remember, there's revenue that will be lost if they don't.

Gunny & North Beach

I agree that since Gunny and North Beach were the hardest hit, they will be the last to reopen. I would bet that Gunny will not be open this season. Even MAST (Monmouth County's marine HS, buildings near the light house) has been put out of commission and the students have been transfered to the main land.

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