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Not another Hurricane!

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I guess the good news is that this time the hurricane is not during beach season. Last year was miserable because it closed the beach for weeks. Hopefully the beach will be back in shape before we get more beach weather.

Stay safe everyone!


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I saw video of Sandy Hook from a helicopter last night. The Coast Gard Station was flooded, the ocean came across at South Beach, Gunny and it's parking lot looked OK.

Marc & Susan

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Seeing all of the destruction

Seeing all of the destruction on TV is so depressing. That's a little good news. Thanks for the update marc.

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I saw video of Sandy Hook from a helicopter last night. The Coast Gard Station was flooded, the ocean came across at South Beach, Gunny and it's parking lot looked OK.

Marc & Susan

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I hope everyone made it

I hope everyone made it through Sandy alright! Some of the video from the shore area was frightening.

Up north here we just had a lot of wind (relatively little rain) and the power seems to be out everywhere. We lost Cable TV and internet at about 8:00 PM last night and Electricity at about 9:00. There are a lot of small branches on the ground and I see our pool slide blew over. We were very lucky. Please be careful cleaning up.

We're looking forward to seeing all of you frolicking carefree on the beach again soon.

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We just got our power back

We just got our power back thanks to the good folks from Ohio Edison who trecked all the way to NJ to help us out. They replaced a split telephone pole and remounted everything in just a few hours. Great job! We were without electricty for only two days. With the exception of cable TV being out everything is back to normal. We were very lucky

Damage Reports

A Facebook user posted a photo of the main entrance to Sandy Hook. I am trying to get his permission to repoduce it here. the foot bridge/bike path has collapsed. The road appears to be intact but there is plenty of debris on it. The Highlands bridge is still intact. the photo doesn't show it but if it was down I'm sure he would have mentioned it.

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WOW. I thought that some of

WOW. I thought that some of the wooden structures like the toll booth would be gone but I woudn't think the walkway.

I found this on the internet yesterday...

Dodged the Bullet

Hope all our Gunny buddies are safe and didn't suffer too much property damage.  Things here in southern New Castle County, DE are much better than ever expected.  A few minor limbs down, street lights out and some lost power but nothing like was forecast.  I've gotten a report from Bethany Beach, DE that from Rehobeth to Ocean City, MD was pounded pretty hard but just a few miles inland was similar to up here.  Still no word if I have a camper, (which is right on the beach of Indian River Bay).   I work in Public Safety with close ties to the major hospital here in DE and things were very calm there so most seem to have heeded the warnings!!   I imagine things will change in there later today when people can get out and start being stuid again on the roads!!

Let's all Thank God for our blessings!!

Continue to stay safe!!


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We are in Delaware

We are in Delaware also.....close to the base.....came in to work today Dewey beach area flooded....Bridge closed for now over inlet so had to come bacj way towards Bethany......not too you said....we hope everyone is ok also....



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I am a dewey regular.  how is it?

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Like always this area usually

Like always this area usually floods and highway 1 closes.....Can't go home that way so really can't tell if they have reopen but it may take some days before it is normal again....we got 10 or more inches of rain in the area....but we faired better then people in NJ and NY....winds were high at times reaching 65 to 70 near the AFB....all in all Delaware got spared again.

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Second that!!

What happens to the beach happens.  The more important thought is .. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!  This appears to be the real deal coming up the coast!

Cool   IRIE

Sandy vs Sandy Hook

Unless it takes a direct hit I'll bet on Sandy Hook to survive and that even more sand will be piled up at GB...and you thought the walk was long this year.

Beach Growing

Your point of the beach growing is actually accurate.   Early this past season I met a couple from Rutgers who were doing a study on the beach.   Yeah, they were clothed since they were working.  The idea of the study was to find out more about natural food supply for the Piping Plovers, (sand fleas and other little critters).  There was a proposal to have sand pumped from Gunnison further south since it naturally accumulates there.   It amazing who you can start speaking with at a nude beach!! 

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That's interesting. You

That's interesting. You always hear about "beach erosion" and you always assume that's the case in weather like this but when you think about it the sand has to go somewhere.

As far as "who you speak to" it is so true, we have met people from all over the world and just about every walk of life.

Lesson Learned

That's a lesson my Dad taught me long ago, be polite and respectful to everyone you meet.   You never know just who your talking to!!

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The older you get the more

The older you get the more you appreciate just how smart you Dad was.

So true

But not smart enough to have discovered Gunnison!!   Play Naked!!

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