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First Time to a nude beach

Hello everyone. I will hopefully be getting to go to Gunnison the weekend after labor day. It will be my first time to a nude beach. Any advice for a mid twenties first timer?

Also silly question but what kind of clothing do people usually wear between the beach and the cars/restroom area? Never have to think about it at a normal beach, but here would a skimpy bathing suit to walk to/fro be acceptable and not make me stand out or do most dress up completely to do that stuff?


Thanks in advance!

First time

Just wear normal shorts and t-shirt.  Less is more though.  Skip underwear and socks. That's more to take off and store.

Nothing skimpy though.  Wear enough that you would feel OK walking into a Quick Check.  The parking lot and the entrance plaza are not clothing optional at all.   And the entrance plaza is for the Gunnison Battery also.   Boy scout troops visit there, and they are not looking for their banana hammock merit badge.

Advice for 1st timer? check the FAQ.  Left side menu.  But main thing... sunscreen! Lots! Everywhere! 

The most important thing:  respect.   Yery important at Gunnison.  Really good people there.  Treat them right.



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