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August 4/5

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Got lucky and will be near the beach for business. Sooooo....if you are there and want to stop by and say hey please do. Being that I attend alone I wait to be approached so as to avoid the label of creeper.

I tend to set up near the Giants flag so I can find my way back once I hit the water. There will also be a shirt tagged to my umbrella that says "you're killing me Smalls". Yep it's true I'll be the smallest guy at the beach...or at least I tend to be. But rest assured I'm good with it. It serves as a way to get noticed, we all secretly or not so secretly, want to be noticed. Anyway I won't approach you unless invited but think of this as your invitation to approach me. I have had many great experiences at gunny by just letting people come to me. I walk a lot so don't be shy. Say hey.

Sorry I didn't see this post

Sorry I didn't see this post before I went today, would have stopped by and said hi.  I live local, I might go tomorrow, if so will look for you.  Enjoy your stay, had great weather today.


How is the water these days?

How is the water these days? I've never been to Gunnison in early August before. It's always been a bit cold when I've been there.


Have a great time, smalls!

At Gunnison we are valued for who we really are.  Rulers don't measure character, so leave them at home.

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