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Any new rules for 2017

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I haven't been down yet this summer...but before I come, are there any new rules/policies on the beach? 


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There is one ...

One new rule, that I noticed they are enforcing, is that no tents are allowed!  If you set one up, the door has to be removable.  They will not allow anything that can be completely enclosed.

Other than that .. I am not aware of anything new.


Cool   IRIE

Right don't see any today as

Right don't see any today as last year was lot's of tents 

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It seems ...

It seems they were being used for much more than just hiding the kids inside out of the sun  Wink

Cool   IRIE

What kinda of changes would

What kinda of changes would you want besides the walk from lot to beach shorter?5


I think ALL beaches should have a rule that you can't sit any closer than 6 feet from your nearest neighbor!!!!  For some reason people feel a need to sit practically right on top of you even when there is plenty of beach left.  These same people then always seem to feel a need to play their music super loud and of course the music is never to my liking. 


Another rule should also be that if you don't know well enough to check the tides before coming to the beach and you arrive at low tide and sit right at the water line and then need tomove as the tide comes in  you should just have to move to the very back of the beach!  I'm tired of people backing up right into my beach space.

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from my time of coming to the gunn with my old lady  ive noticed that as well so we sit in the back close to the net to avoid that stuff although overall the beach is fun great and relaxed , i play my music and play games on my phone .

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Didnt take notice of any

Didnt take notice of any changes with the rules

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