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Saturday was a good day despite the gloomy weather start of the day. When I arrived at 1215, the G lot was only half full. That will not be the case on Sunday.  Lots of volleyball action, lots of people at the water line and in the water and no flies. Talked with the one of the 'No Drama' folks and some others nearby. Definetly worth the long drive.

I am pretty sure the Gunny videogragher was present on Saturday.  If you see this older guy, alone, in a chase lounge back from others, keep in mind he may have his camera rolling. I think he had the camera under is leg and was controlling it with his right hand. Sometimes he has the camera under the lounge. If you are part of a big crowd, watch out for this guy. Not cool.

Creep photographer

Sounds like it was this loser:


Sandman, how are you. Yeah that was the guy. I am disappointed in myself that I did not do anything. I was not sure and I could not see the camera. Do you think the rangers would help out with this situation? 

Don't feel bad at all! 

Don't feel bad at all!  That's a complex situation. Especially if you can't see his camera.  You have to be absolutely sure before you intervene.

If you know the creep is filming, best advice is to go around and warn people about him.  You will be a star.  And with lots of support, someone will go boot him off the beach.  There will be applause when he leaves. 

And/or go tell Marcellus (Giants flag guy).  He will deal with the guy.

I would like to say go tell sandman... but ugh, I am not there.  Argh!! 

And, no. Don't go to the rangers.  They will side with the creep.  Photography in a public place is not illegal.  You will get a nasty lecture from the rangers about that.

The exception is if kids are nearby. Then DO tell the rangers immediately. In that case they will step in and check the photos on his camera. 


Marcellus moved to Florida. 

Marcellus moved to Florida.  I think will be back for a couple visits but I haven't seen him yet this year. 

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Marcellus was back this

Marcellus was back this weekend.

To Florida

Wow!   That's a big change. 

There is probably a Giants flag flying over Haulover right now.

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