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Looking for Beach Friends

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My wife and I enjoyed our first visit, and we're looking forward to our next one. We're planning on heading out Wednesday the 19th. We'd love to meet up with other couples and women, and enjoy more of the social side of the beach this time.

I'm probably going there

I'm probably going there tomorrow. I'll be by myself and wouldn't mind making a few new friends.

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My hub and I will prob be

My hub and I will prob be there tomorrow


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How was your first trip?

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Aside from the high temperature, and the stable flies, we had a great time. We didn't venture very far onto the beach. We sat nearly directly in front of the lifeguard hut, but near the water. We weren't sure where the best place to set up would be. We'd love meet some new friends next time we go.



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flies & visit

I heard on the news that they have greenhead flies on Long Island. Do they have them there as well?

Also,are you folks planning on going thsi weekend?



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