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Beach Mat Fund Raising

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Good Morning Gunnison Friends!!


Spring has returned and Summer is right around the corner. Time to plan for multiple trips to Gunnison Beach!! Since 2015 we have raised approximately $10,110.00 to purchase 250 feet of mat for the beach. The park also purchased the curved piece. So overall our efforts have extended the pathway about 300 feet. The figure below will illustrate where we are. The pink star is where the mat used to end. The yellow star is where it has been extended thanks to all of our efforts. We have $847.75 remaining from previous donations.

A 100 foot piece costs $3,527 and a 50 foot mat costs $2035. The GoFundMe account was archived for lack of donations. However, we previously mentioned setting up a PayPal account to eliminate fees taken out of donations by GoFundMe. You may still incur fees based on your payment method but that will not decrease the amount contributed to the donation.

Please follow this link: or login to PayPal and send your donation to


Thanks, Erika​ & Eric

How friendly are the food

How friendly are the food vendors with the regulars and it is the same food vendor for most of the season?  I wonder if they would consider serving as safe place for folks to make cash donations for the mats?   Second choice might be the umbrella and chair vendor?  Folks might scoff at donating on the way in, but I bet they'd stuff in a few $20s on the way out after making the round trip a time or two.  Wink

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HI Lifeguard,

I appreciate your efforts in making long walk easy for Gunnison beach guests.. 

However I have a question/ suggestion.. Apart from having option of donation online, will setting up a donation box for Mat at the entrance of  GB (near shower area ) be helpful to collect more ?

Two reasons for this :-

1. I have talked to  many people(including some from this site) who wish to make donation but don't want to do it online (to remain anonymous).

2. It would be easier for Many folks to donate who are not much computer savvy..

However on the flipside the Concern here is Safety of the box ..

Let me know your thoughts on this .



Can you please put up the

Can you please put up the map? My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and the long walk can be difficult for her. As a result, its been a challenge getting her to go back.  The map may help get her to give it a try while we are on vacation this week.

I am personally very appreciative to all who have donated for the mat and especially those who have put in the time and effort to make this happen.

Next question is are you still raising funds on PayPal?


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2017 Blue Mats Layout

2017 Blue Mats Layout

This is a satellite image from Google Maps that appears to be from this year because of the angle of the mats.  I enhanced them with blue markings to make them easier to see.  There's one long stretch from the main entrance, a gap, then one small section.

Additional mats

Can you repost the new map of the mats?

did you forget to add the pic

did you forget to add the pic showing the new mat coverage?  could you add it please.  i haven't made it out to the beach yet this summer but i plan on coming soon.

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