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North End

I was at the beach on Monday for the first time in 2 years after being a regular for 25 years prior.  It was great to be back.  I noticed that the whole North end of the beach which was normally the clothed section was filled with naked people and naked people were walking the waters edge all the way down to the end of what was normally the clothed beach.  Is this the new norm?


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North Beach?

Are you actually talking about North Beach proper? That sounds unlikely. 

North end

I feel with the south end being closed due to birds nesting it would make sense for the north end to be used more for walking and extra room for laying around naked

North End


Thanks for your note - very interesting.  As (many of my friends are aware) I proposed to my wife in this area of the beach and we have been married for nearly 15 years.  We have childen now so I am mostly here by myself.

Since I have been coming here since the 1990s I wonder about that.

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Still crazy after all these years.

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