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Philly area hangs

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Hey I'm a 26 year old guy new to the nudism thing. I'm hoping to make my first trip to the beach this summer, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anybody in the Philly area would be down for a casual nude hangout sometime. I'd like to start getting comfortable being naked with others, men or women. Let me know if you're interested.

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Don't forget about the philly naked bike ride. Awesome time I'll be there again this year

Just Do It

Dude, just go! There are lots of Philly/SJ people there. Get an Eagles t-shirt and drape it over the back of your beach chair. Philly people will come over to say hello and Giants fans will come by and tell you that you suck. Either way you'll meet some new people.

Double post...oops.

Double post...oops.

Atlanatic City next week.

Atlanatic City next week. Anyone want to meet up?

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Hi silver 13 , Welcome to

Hi silver 13 ,
Welcome to nudism it's addictive

Hang out

Where you from in philly I am on the south jersey side and after a divorce I have had a tough time getting to the beach
I am looking for new freinds AS well
Would be interested in getting together
34m straight


Hanging out

I'm from the philly area too I'll hangout with you I'm trying to get to gunny soon I'm always here by myself would be nice to meet someone to talk to

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How are you, I'm from south

How are you, I'm from south jersey and you're from Philly area, maybe we could ride up to hang out at Gunnison, let me know, thanks

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You won't find a more

You won't find a more acceptable or natural place then Gunnison beach, my first time naked in public was there and it was one of the best things I ever did! I'm from Central PA, and if you want to hang out at the beach just message me, are usually go by myself so it would be nice to hang out with someone.

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Hang out.

I am from NE PHiladelphia. This Saterday I will be there.....I meen stuck in the line to get in at 10:30 am.

Fun naked times. Michael

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Is that the earliest they let

Is that the earliest they let you through the gate? That might change my travel plans for July 1!

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No I think they'll let you in earlier than that (can't remember the earliest time). It's just a popular time so there is a line to get on the hook

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Just looked it up - opens at 5am

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Yeah... won't be there that

Yeah... won't be there that early . LOL  Thanks for the info - guess I could've Googled that all by myself.

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No need for that .. LOL

Park opens at 5 AM.  They start charging for parking at 7 AM.  And it pays to be there early on weekends since the lot fills quickly on a nice Sat or Sun.  Would recommend by 9:30 or you may have to use the alternate lot or possibly the North Beach lot ...

Edited to add ... In addition to Lot G filling by 9:30 - 10:00, the park may close an hour or so later if all parking lots fill.  They will then wait until a certain amount of cars leave before they reopen the park.  Not set rule, but have seen the park close till 1:00 PM or there abouts ...

Cool   IRIE

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Good to know - thanks. With a

Good to know - thanks. With a 3.5 hour drive to get there, I guess my day will start VERY early when I go!

Sunrise is Awesome

Hi Chimerra.

I have about a 90 minute drive, and so I need to get up at 4am to make lunch, pack the cooler, etc. so that I can get there by 6:30 or 7am.  The best part of that even though it's a brutal wake-up, is no traffic, parking at the front of the lot, and picking your spot on a nearly empty beach.  Oh, and I also like hearing the fog horns from the ships in NY harbor since it is otherwise so quiet and tranquil.

It's very cool, and to observe how the beach fills up with activity throughout the day never gets old.

I hope you have fun - I expect to be there on July 1st so perhaps I'll see you then.


IBG  Cool


Still crazy after all these years.

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Well, this is all going to

Well, this is all going to hurt because I'm definitely not "a morning person". At all. Like, mornings can go pound salt (the b@st*rds).

As it is, I know I will NOT be hitting the road early enough to even imagine the sunrise... but hopefully I'll get there before it gets stupid-busy.

Maybe I'll get brave enough to take a stroll and see who I can find. For you, I know to head towards the music! LOL

If you go tomorrow, stop by

If you go tomorrow, stop by for a "Landshark" chimerra. I'll have a blue umbrella just south of the lifeguard stand. Should be there by 10am.

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Unfortunately I'm not headed

Unfortunately I'm not headed out there until NEXT Saturday. Sad

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