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Thoughts on Saturday forecast?

Hi all - made my first trip to Gunny last year and loved it.  I had been looking forward to going this coming Saturday (the 20th) for several weeks, but unfortunately the forecast doesn't look great.  (20 degree forecasted drop in one day?  WTF).  Unfortunately I have a bit of a drive, and can't get there on a weekday this week, so I don't get too many opportunities and will have to wait quite a while if Saturday is a no go.  Question for veterans - with the forecast of 60 degree highs but mostly sunny, if that forecast holds and bears out, would it be a pleasant experience?  I imagine many, like me, are getting antsy and may be willing to brave it, but it would be pretty disappointing to drive for a while and end up shivering on a mostly deserted beach.  Right now I'm leaning on passing unless the forecast improves.  Many thanks for any advice!  And also thank you all for posting your experiences to this board - was very helpful in planning my first trip last year.  Cheers. 

The wind will be off the

The wind will be off the water on Saturday. Making it feel 10 degrees cooler (at least) on the beach, when compared to inland. I know these early spring days well. The temp drops drastically when you cross the bridge on the hook, then again when you hit the beach. The wind off the water (low 50s) is like air conditioning. 


Saturday is almost surely hoodie and sweatpants weather, even with the sun out.


Expect a light crowd. I would pass with that kind of drive. Keep your powder dry for a better experience.

Many thanks, Surfer - exactly

Many thanks, Surfer - exactly the sort of insight I was looking for. Cheers!

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