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Wink Hello everyone I'm Leo. I'm 39 years old and love going to gunnison beach. It's been about a year since I last went and I'm looking forward to going this summer. I need a nice full body tan. I'm probably going to be going on sundays because it's my day off. I hope to meet a nice girl and maybe we can start going to the beach together, that would be awesome! Cool

What's up Leo? Sunday is a

What's up Leo? Sunday is a great day to go to Gunny. Parking is a lot easier but if you live North traffic going home can definitely be awful. Going to Gunnison with a woman definitely makes the day much more enjoyable. Minor suggestion, maybe not have a picture of your genitals when looking for a "nice girl" female beach buddy

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I agree Leo... a better

I agree Leo... a better profile pic will get someone to respond

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I am not trying to get a woman to respond here

In real life on the beach I will meet someone, I'm not planning on meeting a woman with a profile pic on this website. This website is just for entertainment and if I wanted you all to see my face I would of made my profile pic of my face don't you think? I just want you to see what I want you to see and that's it, I want to remain anonymous because the last thing I need is someone finding out I go to the nude beach, next thing I have people stalking me. I don't need people coming up to me when I'm on the beach minding my own business asking me hey aren't you Leo1978 from the website. I'm a very private person and don't like to be bothered. I like to remain in control and by not disclosing who I am, I have the power over who I want to talk to or not talk to. I have tattoos also but I'm not showing them because again, I want to remain 100% anonymous and it's nothing personal, it's just my choice for various reasons. I don't need anyone to assume that I'm trying to find a woman friend from this website, unless we become friends by having conversations and I decide to show her what I look like, then that's a different story, but for the entire public to see who I am on this website, nope that's not going to happen.


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well Leo.. Good Luck... Once

well Leo.. Good Luck... Once you find this lady to come to the beach you can come hang out in our section.. Everyone knows who i am on the beach. There is no stalking and truly no shame in admitting that you go to fun beach.. 

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Lol :D

Thanks for the invite I appreciate it. I'll keep that in mind. And the other thing, I really don't care if I meet a lady or not it's not that serious. I enjoy going alone it's more exciting that way but am going to see if this time I can communicate more with people. Either way, looking forward to going this summer. If I do meet someone there on the beach, it would be cool to go with her so we can put oil on each other and stuff.


luv 2 suck u


you fool around on beach, luv to play saturday

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