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Thinking of going this week 1st time at gunnison

Ok, I'm a single guy and a nudist. I'm worried about going to the beach the first time. I've been reading online that single males going by themselves are frowned upon. I'm not going to gawk at anybody, I just want to relax in a beach chair and read a book, listen to music and sit on my towel and get a tan and relax. Am I going to be made uncomfortable by the regulars? Am I going to run into gay males that are going to try and make advances on me because I'm by myself? I'm not going there to meet woman or anything, just relax and it seems the community is very unfriendly. 

No one looks down on the many

No one looks down on the many many single guys at Gunnison.  

First time to Gunnison

I too am a single male but I've been going for years. I set up on the northern half of the nudist area. I generally kept to myself until after a few times I got to meet some regulars and made some friends. I still sit alone but there is always someone there to talk with briefly at times.

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I've gone by myself many of

I've gone by myself many of times, never had any issues. Stay to the left of the lifeguard stands, the right is the gay section.

Go and have a great time!

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