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Cool Short Drone Video - Sandy Hook

With absolutely abysmal weather at the moment, this was a nice little 2 minute video flying around Sandy Hook.  I wanted this to be a longer vid.

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I would be cautious ...

From what I have read, here and elsewhere, use of drones is banned on (and in) national parks; including Gateway.  Here is an excerpt from the NPS website ...

n June 2014, due to concerns for human safety and the preservation of park resources, the National Park Service issued a policy memorandum banning the use of unmanned aircraft (drones) on lands and waters administered by the agency. This includes Gateway, which added the prohibition to the park Compendium in August 2014. This hold on unmanned aircraft will allow the NPS to study the issue further and propose Servicewide regulations.

Also saw mention of it in this post here at GBNJ ..

Cool video though Wink

Cool   IRIE


I think I saw something about that as well a while ago and am glad that it's not permitted at Gunnisson.  The shots from this little vid seem to have been pretty far south near the bridge.  The footage of the beach late in the day were gorgeous.

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they are banned in all

they are banned in all ferderal parks.

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