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Windscreen etiquette

Maybe I'm just an old fart but I wonder what people think about visitors to the beach that construct these large "windscreen squares" that take up lots of real estate, often for just two people?!?! I get it that there are lots of friends and groups that visit each other while at the beach,  but why so much space?  


I hammer in my windscreen to BLOCK THE WIND when the wind is over 10 MPH which is my discomfort point. I put it on the upwind side only to BLOCK THE WIND. When the wind shifts direction I move the windscreen to BLOCK THE WIND. I usually arrive on the beach around noon and set up camp in back of those already there so as to preserve their view. Without the windscreen, I would spend a lot less time at the beach so please don't badmouth all windscreens. Mine is there for a purpose, to BLOCK THE WIND. Crazy

Agreed that windscreens (and

Agreed that windscreens (and at one time tents) can get out of hand.

It definitely takes up a lot of space and blocks the path to/ view of the ocean. Even worse is when you get up from your towel/chair area and come back to find that a large windscreen has been put up near you, often with a group of people. In less common cases, there is a large collection of windscreens that take over a sizable area of the beach.

I have moved my things to a new spot a few times in the past when this has happened.

I'm not sure what policies are currently in place, but perhaps wind screens should be allowed only a certain distance back from the lifeguard stands, closer to the dunes.

It's out of control.

We have learned to get there really early to be able to get close if not you can't see the ocean. Just a wall of screens ????

Years ago... late 90's there

Years ago... late 90's, there were at least two wood 4x4s sticking 6 feet high out of the sand and thirty yards back from the high tide line.  Between the polls and the water was the no wind screen zone. 

It would be awesome to bring that back. I don't see that happening though. No where near as many "beach structures" as there are now. These days the beach resembles a camp ground. Even with the closed tent ban.

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