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So much rain (Friday 5/5/17)

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With all this rain, it's going to take at least a week of sunny days before we'll be able to get onto the beach without trecking through many inches of water!  I've been 4 times so far this Spring, and each time there's been a lake near the entrance (where the blue mats will eventually be, hopefully).

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I'm happy to report

I'm happy to report that as of today (5/10/17) the lake has shrunk down to just a pond on the right side of the main walkway.



I was there last Friday,

I was there last Friday, which is the earliest in the season I have gone, and I couldn't believe the lakes. Is it always that way this early in the season?

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Not usually

Not usually, but we have had a lot of snow and rain this year between March and now.  Also, that area seems to get lower and lower every year.  Not sure if this is true, but I've heard the Park doesn't want to bring up sand to fill it in because they don't want to disturb nature.

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