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Clothing 'optional'

I'm sorry, but it's flat out weird that groups of people go there just to 'hang out' without getting naked. 

I'm not racist, but just about every time i've gone to GB there has been groups of 5-10 Indian-Middle Eastern men that just 'hang out' and walk about or play vollyball. They are usually not even in bathing suits, but full jeans/t-shirts. 

I just think it is so odd. I know it's clothing optional, but go play vollyball and 'walk around' at any of the other because in the park, yet alone on the whole shore. 

I'm fine with those out there that are 'testing the waters' or maybe nervous and keep their clothes on, but these guys are a different situation. 



What you wrote about is a common occurrence at Gunny. The topic comes up at least once per year. When I left the beach on Saturday, they were 20 strong entering the beach. It’s always the same. Street clothed, no towels, no beach chairs, no umbrellas and no coolers. The only thing needed is built in, their eyes. The common assumption is that they come to look but never participate. But you have to know that there is nothing illegal with what they are doing. It is a public beach. There is not much that can be done about this behavior. However, it is most unwelcome by the people who come to enjoy the clothing optional practice allowed at this beach. I have witnessed Gunny folks yelling out at them but again the ‘ITs’, as they are sometimes labeled, are not doing anything wrong. If one were to start something and the Rangers got involved, the starter would be in a bad situation with the Rangers. And don’t think they are the only ones there to observe but not play. It’s just their numbers and physical characteristics make them stand out. But it is a big beach and this small issue does not cancel out the overall enjoyment one has at this beach.


The only thing I can think of to discourage them is to cover up when you see them coming and give them the stink eye. Maybe they will get the hint and leave.


Yeah I've seen them before. 

Yeah I've seen them before.  Obviously they're there to gawk at the nudity, but I've never had an issue with them - I've witnessed naked people be far more disrespectful than them, ironically.  The blatant creeps are naked old guys who either set up shop 2 feet from a woman/couple, or they stand right next to them and pretend to be looking around. The beach is not nude mandatory so there's really nothing that can be done. 

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