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Saturday April 29


Yesterday was the first trip of the season for me to Gunnison. The temp was high seventies and there was a slight land based breeze.  The sky was not clear but had those high level clouds that make it seem bright without shadows. There was a crowd of about 150 people. Nothing is open yet at the entrance and there are water pools that you have to walk through to get to the beach. The blue mats are not installed.  It was good to be there but not the same as last year with the full summer crowd. The Giants crowd was there and I heard many of them saying it was the first time this year. The guy who wears the belly dancing skirt and dances for everyone was also there. I spent most of the two hours walking on the beach.  The ocean is still COLD but I saw one brave woman in knee deep. The man/woman ratio was typical but not as bad as it can sometimes be in the off season. The beach is littered with shells/ broken shells. Is there a cleanup day?  Not sure what would be the best way to get rid of so many broken shell fragments. I only stayed two hours which is not long considering it takes four hours of driving for a round trip. There is still nothing like the freedom and liberated feeling one gets at this beach. I hope many folks come to experience this feeling during the 2017 summer season.


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