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May 6....anyone going? 60 degree temperatures.

We are from Ohio.  Is anyone else going with 60 degree temperatures?

Is the beach packed on

Is the beach packed on memorial day weekend and july 4 weekend?

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July 4th is the busiest IMHO

Both  are busy but July 4th is the busiest on every beach in NJ including Gunnison. If you go just be sure to arrive early as parking lots will fill up and the park may close as early at 9 -9:30 AM and not reopen until after 1-2 pm

I'm lucky enough to live close enough to go anytime and I enjoy a more laid back beach/party atmosphere so I usually avoid July 4th.  It's more like a college football tailgate party! lol  Enjoy!  

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Boarderline temp

60 degrees is tough.  It has to be almost full sun and less than 10 mph wind for it to be comfortable for most people.  If it is though you will have a lot of company on Saturday. 


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Yesterday; like July

It felt like high season wind, the temp., the party atmosphere. Parking lot was I'd say 40% full. The sand on the beech was nice and warm. Not burningly hot.

Now the water temperature, that was cold like normal. But water temperature is higher the normal also. 

Fun naked times. Michael

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