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Most guys at Gunnison know not to get in anyone's face with their genitals.

Why do so many do so on this site?  Lifeguard, can you moderate this problem ? 


let 'em be. It's fun. We're naked. Enjoy.

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It is case by case.  If

It is case by case.  If someone has a problem they can let me know about the picture if they are in it.


I am not going to just make a blanket statement on pictures,

Lifeguard (On Virtual Beach Only)AKA Dave(The Guy who built/hosts/runs the site)

Hey lifeguard, can you remove

Hey lifeguard, can you remove this sevstians person, as you can see they're spreading spam on the site

Live To Be Free


A number of people have agreed with my request and I believe my request for respectful photos here is reasonable. 

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I agree!

This is a site for people who enjoy being naked on the beach! No cookie recipes here! And from what I see, no malicious, offensive pics! It's all fun! Smile

Here's to a Fun and Naked Sandy Summer! Wink

Summer, sea, sun and sand... Great combination!

I second that motion

I second that motion

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