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Boner at the beach

We have an ongoing debate with friends of
ours on the question of whether it is ok for
a man to sport an erection at a clothing
optional beach or pool. We say no and they
say yes. Their argument centers around
an erection being natural for some men in
such an enviornment and the difficulty of
suppressing such a natural reaction. Our
position is that a guy can control himself
and that no one needs to see a guys erect
penis unless they intend to have sex with

We have seen hard-ons at Gunnison, usually
on the single voyeurs that wonder the beach
but occasionaly on the male half of hetero

Perhaps the short answer is the Rangers
dont approve but would love to hear your thoughts.



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New to site. Is soam common?

New to site. Is soam common? This looks malious

Some say my lips are big..... so true. Lol

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I've seen it get hit with

I've seen it get hit with spam like that a few times a year. Usually not a big deal. Lifeguard usually takes care of it quickly.

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that was fast

Fantastic! That was a quick spam clean up. Kudos to lifeguard for staying on top of it

Some say my lips are big..... so true. Lol

   I gotta say...I love

   I gotta say...I love walking down the beach with "wood"... it's the ultimate feeling of freedom... especially used to like walking out on the sandbar and just hanging out (or up!) for as long a possible and walking up and down the sandbar as far as possible... miss that fun... have not been to G.B. for a long time... have even gone for a jog with one... gotta' love Sandy Hook!... Smile

I always wondered about the

I always wondered about the "boner ettiquette" at nudist and clothing optional places.  That is probably the only thing that made me apprehensive about going to such a venue.  When I went this week, the most I got was a couple of semis.  It wasn't like I was constantly pressuring myself to keep it down either.  I did see a few boners, but no one made a big deal out of it.  I didn't see any overtly lewd behavior either.

no worries

I've seen various semi's to full blown hardons at nude beaches.  It happens.  However, the guy walking around waving it toward people, grabbing himself in a certain way, or getting off in front of people are inappropriate and usually get in trouble from a ranger.

Just don't wave it around in the crowd

I've had multiple hard-ons each and every time I've been to Gunnison, and I've been going for years. It goes up and comes back down naturally; sometimes I just wake up from a nap with one. But I don't walk through the summer crowds waving it around. If it's late in the day or early or late in the season and few very people are around and I feel like walking, then I'll walk. If someone sees me hard under those circumstances then it's either their good luck or bad luck, depending on them. Then my cock might soften up, somewhat or completely; sometimes it doesn't. The important thing is, I don't flash it at people and I don't strut around with it in a crowd. What can you say? If you're taking a walk and a woman passes you and her lips are swollen, you're probably going to get an erection. You'll probably get an erection for no other reason than having a penis in the first place. It's the way it goes. Discretion.





We are all adults

We are all adults , If your offended by a erection on a nude beach than maybe you shoundn't be on a nude beach . Discretion !!!!




It's the behavior that's offensive, not the erection

I tend to think that if a person isn't offended by the sight of a flaccid penis then they shouldn't be offended by the sight of an erect one, providing it isn't flaunted. I'm no hunk, but I like my body, which includes my manhood and my buttocks, plenty well enough, and I don't think it's very fair for someone to look at me when I'm stark naked and to accept me, but then find me offensive if I become aroused--I'm not naturally ashamed of my body or my sexuality and I don't want anyone to try to make me feel as if I should be. When you go to a nude beach, you expose your sexual organs to strangers, and they expose theirs to you; those are the terms under which we attend. I don't find anyone who's aroused as offensive, unless that person unduly presses themselves on me or the person I'm with. It's the behavior that's offensive.

oh god, the zebra dick

oh god, the zebra dick comment made me chuckle! and its true, guy could be asleep too, and I'd be more worried than offended if he weren't getting erections while passing through sleep stages.

Like others have said, it's how it's handled that matters. there's a big difference between someone just laying there relaxing with it up and someone roaming around and staring at people. it's normal, it's natural, and I think it's silly to vilify sexuality like that.

besides, it happens to women too. it's less obvious for us, unless especially if her nipples already have a tendency to appear pronounced, but seeing a hot dude (or chick, both work for me) can produce a hardening response for us, as well as a swelling of the clitoral tissue, that pang down below. it happens. it's normal. it's natural. we just hide it better than dudes can Wink

love knows no gender

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Beach hard-ons

I was surprised how easy it was to stay flacid at the beach. It's hot, everyone's naked... I don't know, it just didn't happen for me. Once in a while I'd get a semi that I was happy about because it make me look bigger. The fact is, if you get one and want to hide it, it's easy. Guys have been hiding them since 6th grade. Give me a break. Sit down and put a towl on it. Jeez. Unless you want to show it off.

Semi hard on

Actually for me my time for a semi hard on is when I come out of the water, especially viewing my wife's small perky nips. For a lot of men shrinkage occurs when they leave the water, so many have said here. But for the most part I don't get a hard on laying on the beach or while watching others as they walk by, although I did get somewhat aroused at the very attractive petite blond who was behind us with her b/f or husband ( he kept his dark blue shorts on,'she removed her blue sun dress) with the small blue and red dome tent.She did watch me fairly close each time I got up to move my chair or go to the water and so on, which I enjoyed from a guy's point of view. Bob

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Boner at the beach

So I was at Lighthouse beach on Long Island and whilest standing at the water, I developed an erection. There wasn't anyone standing very close to me or anything. I wasn't stroking, or approaching anyone and despite entering and exiting the chily water, it wouldn't subside. As a matter of fact, I had my back to the beach the majority of the time so I feel like most people couldn't see anyway. Then suddenly I hear "Hey Asshole" in a loud male voice. I'm pretty sure it was directed at me. I don't feel that I was intentionally doing anything inappropriate but yet I was made to feel like I was doing something wrong. I wasn't doing anything different than anyone else. I just happend to be erect for a brief period of time (maybe 5-7 minutes). 

After this incident, I did enter the water a bit deeper which was dangerous for me because I don't know how to swim and the water was fairly rough. I did this just to try not "offend" anyone. My towel was a good distance away and I feel like if I would have walked back to my towel like that it would have been more obvious.

I'd love to hear others opinions on this or what else I should have done.


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The erect penis is nature's dowsing rod for surfacing a stimulated male host.  The increased blood flow is evidence of a passing beauty, a passing thought, or even passing wind.  Ugh... scratch that last one, but yeah, a passing breeze. I suppose the miracle of modern medicine could be added to the list among other things.

Guilt-ing guys for having an occasional involuntary erection is akin to saying "don't think of a pink elephant" -- you'll only ex-masturbate the problem... no, no.. I mean, exacerbate the problem.  Oops, did I say that out loud?

So yeah, wanking on the beach to look like long dong silver or waiting until you're pointing due north before taking a walk is a breach of nude beach etiquette (most would agree), but a passing woody is evidence of a healthy male and are rare.  If you were to take stock of all the time that you actually see an erect penis on Gunnison (counting in minutes or seconds), vs. the ever popular polar bear water treated phallic inversion that we usually "sport" after a plunge in the Atlantic, you may find that it's about the same percentage as your own hard to soft ratio throughout a given day.  Granted, every time I see one I close my eyes as hard as possible and scream “devil be gone” over and over until it is, but that’s just me.

That said, I can count on one hand (no pun intended) the number of true blue (purple?) erections I've had this year after many visits to Gunny.  Which reminds me, I need to call my doctor to up the dosage.  Just kidding... but if there weren't some basic social guidelines some fear the whole place would erupt into a massive orgy.  Damn, that would be so horrible... wouldn't want that to happen.  Besides, that's what they have those tents and windscreens for, right?  Oops... no, no... I kid because I'm a kidder.  We're all just innocent naturists looking back to our ancestral roots seeking to escape the pangs of an oppressive Victorian culture, or something to that effect.

All’s I really know is that I love the sun on my birthday suit and tan lines are of the devil.  The rest was a pathetic attempt to force a grin.



Life is filled with risks and you have to choose the ones you’re willing to take in exchange for the thrill of living

Depends on what you mean by "sporting"

The answer is really somewhere in between. I don't think it's fair to think less of someone for having an erection. It happens. Though if I got one, I probably wouldn't go walking around with it. But I also don't think someone should be compelled to cover it up, either. The key is how you behave, which really applies to everything at Gunnison.



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Its Natural and Expected

I dont think less of a man if he has an erection its natural and under the right circumstance can be a compliment. Its what he does with it is the issue.  Frankly it is not attractive to roam around with it like it is a metal detector.  If a man is discreet about his state of arousal speaks more positively about his personality. At gunnison the atmosphere is free and for some very sensual so it is expected that a few erections will occur

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Beach Boner

I sometimes get boners when I am standing at the waters edge. I think it is the breeze or the feeling of complete freedom.

Most of the time the water is too cold and/or rough for me to enter past my knees. What am I supposed to do in that case? I can 

either stand there facing the water with my full erection or turn around and walk back to my towel (sporting a full erection). I usually

just continue standing at the waters edge until it subsides. It usually only lasts for a few minutes.

I don't think having an erection should be condemned unless you are being overtly sexual with it. Such as excessive

stroking or getting too close to someone.


we think its a natural accurance for a man to have one depends on the way he feels and how he reacts to what he sees so in all respect to everyone .Enjoy what ya see just don't push it with whom you see ....


There's a difference between gettting an occasional semi or boner versus walking around with a raging hardon looking for some action....

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hard on

Sometimes you just can't help it. Last week I was laying out on the beach and suddenly I was fully erect. Must have been the breeze. I just kinda let it subside on its own. I figure if people do not wanna see it they have the option to look away and for those who enjoy seeing them. This ones for you. Lol. Im not sure if I could ever walk down to the ocean with a hard on. That has to be one hell of an awkward walk. Anyway to each his own is my motto. To be totally honest some of the woman at Gunnison are just good looking and have beautiful bodies that arouse men and erections are collateral damage. I would assume that some even enjoy the notion that they can get a complete stranger hot enough to raise his junk. Not trying to offend anyone as im new to the forum just offering my insight on the topic.

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welcome to hung out with us...

alway welcome to hang with us again...

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I'm getting old now but I'm

I'm getting old now but I'm not too old to remember a time when my erections were just about completely uncontrolable. They were like summer thunder storms, they could pop-up at any time.

I have to admit that in the two years that I've been going to Gunnison I haven't had one there, but have seen many. I have no problem with it.

I do have a problem with guys that help it along by playing with it. Adjusting it is fine but if its in your hand for more than a second or two you are playing with yourself.

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August 2011, a guy came and sat on a chair behind me. The entire time he sat there reading a book and constantly stroked himself. After about 1 hr of doing so, a couple (M&F) came down and asked him if he'd like to join them. So, he went up to where they was and sat there again, constantly stroking. They were directly behind a Life Guard Chair and nothing happened to him entire day.

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August 2011, a guy came and sat on a chair behind me. The entire time he sat there reading a book and constantly stroked himself. After about 1 hr of doing so, a couple (M&F) came down and asked him if he'd like to join them. So, he went up to where they was and sat there again, constantly stroking. They were directly behind a Life Guard Chair and nothing happened to him entire day.


It's a nude beach. It happens. I personally cannot stand the pressure I have to put on myself when I get there to not get a boner. It ruins my time there. Just accept that you'll see them. There's a big difference between a guy who has one that's just lying there or walking to the water and a pervert.

Plus, it's fun. And part of the freedom. Embrace the boners.

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Interesting topic ..

Don't know if I agree with your view that it can be controlled.  I can speak first hand that there are times when it acts all on its own.  Now what you do about it then should be the topic of discussion.  Taking a walk down the beach and flaunting it is one option.  Not one I agree with or approve of.  Keeping it within the confines of your group, or between you and your partner, or just doing one of the many things that may help it subside (sit down and hide it, take a dip, roll over, etc) would be more my style and what I think would be more generally accepted.

Had to add a serious comment after my crack about wearing the white towel Cool

Cool   IRIE

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funny about that

I was at gunny last summer with lots of friends and lots of drinks also. Well one guy had a bit too much and laid down in the sand and fell asleep. After a while he popped a bonner while passed out. Some of the lady friends took possed and took picts with their new friend but finally one lady put a cup on top. The guy woke up a little latter and we all had a good laugh.

It is what it is and as ling as you are not swinging it around or being rude it happens.

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I have no problem with

I have no problem with erections at the beach.  I see it all the time because the ladies are teasing their man. 

I saw a guy a few years back who had been working on the perfect tan.  He was laying on his back with a towel over his head with a full erection.  There was nothing sexual about it. Hell he may have been sleeping or just did not want to get Zebra Dick Laughing out loud

I do have a problem with intentional stroking or parading around.  Not cool.

Enjoy your weekend! Cool


Life = Playa  Cool       

It's natural for a guy to

It's natural for a guy to have an erection just about anywhere.  I haven't seen that a lot at Gunnison.

It's also natural for a lady to be uncomfortable at the thought that she has excited a total stranger.   

It's inappropriate for anyone to announce publicly, they are sexually aroused at the moment.  A naked man with a hard-on is doing just that.  (Ladies, after you've read a few chapters of 50 Shades, you can be stark naked in broad daylight and no one will know you're feeling hot.)

Since people at Gunnison are wary of pervs, an erection is not a good sign.  

When it does happen, it's expected the guy should lie on his belly or take a dip in the water.  

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Or ...

"When it does happen, it's expected the guy should lie on his belly or take a dip in the water."


Or perhaps throw a white towel over it and serve drinks for a while Smile

Cool   IRIE

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Personally it doesn't bother me if a guy is sporting one, as long as he isn't waving it around in my face. I don't think the Rangers could or should do anything, unless again it's being used as a weapon. It does happen for various reasons. I don't have any experience of my own with resorts, so I'll leave that for others to comment on.

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