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Keeping it running costs $$$

Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

Pick the Relocating Agency that You Can Believe


Relocating the house in addition to place of work can be quite fascinating, as you usually are on the point of visit a brand new area, take up a brand-new lifestyle and also have enjoyable. Soon you arrive, nevertheless, you will need to undergo a fairly exhausting as well as stressful time frame, mainly because you need to manage packaging along with relocating. Particularly when a person relocate cross country sites, you'll want to opt for a correct eradication organization that could control the position in addition to relieve your current pressure.


How may you opt for the suitable treatment business?


Lakeville, Jurong

However i really feel like i've too much info now, feeling just like the market goes to crash any time soon, haha. however well, i've been enthusiastic about the market to crash from the previous 2 years. Nevertheless, it looks as if its doing pretty good, worth keeps on going up ;p Simply questioning what are different people, who are identical to us (not the so known as "skilled in investment") are considering.

Be aware of the supply that's at the moment underneath building, especially districts that will see massive swings in accomplished units come 2014/2015. If rental demand stays the identical or dips, especially in view of the slowing of the inflow of immigrants, the downgrading of Singapore's GDP forecast, and the depressed economic scenario that could lead to one other world downturn, a higher supply of accomplished items leads to a better degree of competition over a limited pool of tenants, leading to a fall in rental rates.

Thirdly, ECs can only be bought to the open market, together with foreigners after reaching its full maturity of 10 years where it is converted to private condominium standing. This means that for the first 10 years where your residential property is usually at its prime, the resale group of buyer for your EC is restricted, and thus could not fetch you the absolute best worth. It signifies that two realty agents are advertising a particular property collectively, normally the owner's agent and your agent. In essence, this means that if you happen to're fascinated with that property, your agent might want to undergo that property's landlord's agent, and each brokers will share the commission for that unit. Consideration Rental Homeowners Doing Portray For your Dwelling SkyPark Residences EC

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Sunday the 28th....

its supposed to be 82 and sunny the 28th according to accuweather....just wondering if anybody , who refuses to admit the season is thinking about going and taking advantage of this day, don't want to go if the beach will be empty, do people go this late in the year?

Awesome is an understatement!

I took my first visit on Weds. Passed the parking lot 3 times till I finally had the courage to ask for directions. The gentleman asked 2 or 3 times "what beach", and didnt know "parking lot g". I was kinda embarressed but he seemed not to care as he told me your in the right spot!

I was expecting some kind of sign for parking, but there is none. There is only a sign quite a bit back telling you to go straight for gunnison.

I was also looking for the pavilion that I read so much about, and did see one accross the street and for some reason I was looking for the pavilion in the same parking lot.

Anyway I made my way to the beach unsure if I was at the right spot still untill I noticed a vollyball gaming going, with all naked people! I knew I was in the right spot!

I kept walking trying to find a less crowded area(south side) and found my spot. I wasnt nervous about stripping because I wanted to do it but I was quite nervous about, well getting an erection.

After I setup camp, it was time...I was nervous for a split second and I said just do it!


As I observed people are very friendly here. Seems like alot of people know each other and if not people are very sociable and open here. Im on the reserved side so I stuck to myself besides saying "hi" to people when walking by them...It was a very comfortable setting! A few guys staired, maybe too hard but I didnt let that freak me out, as they could of been stairing on a clothed beach.

I must say when I took that walk It was the best feeling after! There is nothing better then walking naked on the beach not giving a $$$$ about anything. I walked as far south as you can go. Being extremely shy and low confidence my whole life I cant explain the feeling and boost in confidence this gave me.

Looking to go on 09/27


This wil be my first time in Gunny. I have been to naturist places in east but Gunny will be my first time. I am looking for some company. Smile Smile  

I am 27, male, Indian !

I will be coming from somewhere near Lyndhurst, would appriciate a rideshare if someone is coming from that area. I can pay for the gas !



Debating First Time

Hi All,

I have off from work on Friday 9/19, and I'm debating going to Gunnison for my first time.  I have wanted to go for a while, but am really nervous about exposing myself as below the belt I am quite small.  Do you think people would notice or say anything?  I figured a Friday afternoon would be a good first time because I assume there would be less people there.  Thanks

vivid_ny's picture

Hi all....

It looks like we're going to try to make this Sunday-9/21....usually there by 9:00-9:30am.

First time - looking for a partner/group on 9/21

I've always wanted to check out this beach and am interested in trying out the whole nude experience for the first time. I've had no luck convincing my girlfriend to join and would prefer to not go alone. If anyone is interested in meeting up Sunday, let me know! I'm a 32 year old male if that matters.

9/15 - Any one there now?

Thinking of heading down now, got off work early and just wanted a quick visit. Anyone there? And how is the weather by the water?


Arrest on Sun 9/14

There was an arrest on Sunday (9/14).  Did anyone see what prompted the arrest? 

It was perhaps 4pm.  It was middle of the beach, near the high tide line.  What was unusual was that it was a beach regular.  A couple.   I heard conflicting stories from people who seemed to know what happened.  But all said they were doing some shenanigans.   Some said it was an undercover ranger who reported them.   I did see the ranger SUV suddenly racing around.   A uniformed ranger approached the couple on foot.   He had them pack all their gear and put it into the waiting SUV.  They were then handcuffed and driven away.

One thing I don't like though is that fast SUV driving.   The rangers should only drive fast when someone is injured, or a violent crime is in progress.    If they suspect pot smoking, or they see someone touch his weenie, that is not a good reason to speed around people laying on the beach.   One of these days they are going to run someone over.


I want to make sure before hand im comfortable with finding gunnison. I found this map

It looks like I just need to get to "atlantic drive". Then the parking lot "g" is on the left? Then once im in the parking lot I head to the right for the clothing optional part?

Any joggers??

Plan on making my first visit soon, dont want any more tan lines! Business is slow so I've recently been heading to the beach(island state park) a few days a week and before leaving head for a nice jog.


Do people jog at gunnison? Are there showers?

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