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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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We'll be there Monday morning and spending the day.
Anyone else coming?

First Timer (8/25)

Hello! I think I've lurked in the forums long enough.  Smile  I visited Gunnison for the first time this past Thursday with my boyfriend. We celebrated our 15 year anniversary together and wanted to try something new. I'm so glad we did. I only regret not visiting sooner!  I was a little nervous at first since I'm kind of self-conscious but once we picked a spot and put our bags down, I just went for it and it felt great.  I don't know if anyone is reading this who was there that day but thank you all for just being so chill and mellow.  It was a great first experience and I can't wait to go back. 

PS: The ferry ride from Manhattan was a nice bonus! What a pleasant trip. 

Planning my first visit

So its looking like im going to get the chance to visit.  From what Ive read, its not the best idea for a newby such as me to visit alone for the first time.  My plan is to get there around 9am on Friday morning.  This community seems pretty close knit and is good at keeping the creepers away.  Is there anyone here that might be willing to help guide a first timer?  


Also had one more question....What do you do with your stuff once nude?  I figured I would roll my clothes up in a towel and throw it over my shoulders along with my keys and phone if I decide to walk around.


A huge fear of mine is loosing my stuff and being naked with no keys, towel, etc...

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Monday 8/29 and tuesday 8/30 first time

Smile hello  I am new to the nude beach thing.  I never been nake in public but I always wanted to go to a nude beach.  I feel like I am confident enough to go to a nude beach now.  I used to be so nervous and still am but I want some company. I can meet up with someone or pick them up.  I'm coming from south jersey and leaving early.  I hope to hear from you all :) 

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going monday 8/29 and tuesday 8/30 first time

Hey I'm a 29 year old male.  I never been to gunnison before.  I'm coming from south jersey.  I found about it late last summer.  I'm just looking to see if anyone will be down those days or this week.  I'm actually off all week and would like to go with someone or meet up.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people.

First time 8/26/16

Friday was our first time at the beach and first time nude in public. We had a great time even though we kept to ourselves. Next time out we will try to meet some of you awesome people!

G & T

First time this Saturday 8/27

Hey everybody,

I'll be doing my first time this Saturday and I was wondering the best advice on what time to arrive. Everything I've read says get there early, but I'm not sure what exactly that means. Everybody has different opinions of what constitutes early.

Also I'll be honest that I'm nervous because I'm afraid people will be staring at me. Anybody have any tips for saying "f$&@ it, I wanna have fun and be naked!"

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Tired of pic collectors

My inbox gets filled with the same posts of "my wife likes what she sees, can you trade a few pics". I send a pic and then never get one in return. If you are a guy on here looking to collect pics of people I am going to start calling you out by names. It's getting tired already. I have a pic on my avi.. if your wife saw me than she knows what I look like... stop already unless
You are sending pics.

Yet another first timer with questions

Hi all. Visiting a nude beach is on my bucket list and since I'll be passing through NJ in a couple weeks, I figure now is a great time. Im a male in his mid 30s and I'll be by myself. I have a few questions and many have already been answered by searching and reading but my remaining are....


Sunscreen....I'm aware it's needed and I'll have some. Problem is, Ill need help getting my back. Is it creepy to ask someone for help? After I leave, Im headed straight to an airport to fly home. A shower would be nice. I gather the only showers are outside the nude area and it's outdoor. I figure when I leave, put on a speedo, shower off, come back to beach and put on regular clothes. Anyone have a better idea? My visit is a couple days after labor day.


How far north and south does the nude area go? Are there any unwritten rules or gathering areas? From what I understand, south is more LGBT and north isnt. And finally, I'm rather shy.


Would it be creepy to simply walk up to another person or small group and ask to join? Knowing myself, it would greatly help. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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Saturday roll call who is coming

We will be there early was hoping to have some others sit with us or near us.
Anyone want to sit with us let us know so we can save space.
Or At least stop over and say hi.

late start to the day 8/25, leaving nyc now, 1st timer. anyone need a ride

Smile anyone want a ride from nyc? last minute, female preffered, attractive wm here. for conversation, not a weirdo!!!


lil nervous

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Attractive Irish male

Hey everyone,

I'm an attractive Irish man 34 and 6ft 2 blonde haired, blue eyes very respectful guy.

Will be travelling to the beach tomorrow to meet like minded people. Mainly looking for singles and females.

But will chat with nice people.

Hit me up if you would like to meet up and hang out

Monday 8/29

Good chance of heading down to relax a few after wrk b4 heading home. Ill b in a blue chair probably alone. stop by and say hello.. Str8 blk. 34. Handsome. Be cool.. Interested in learning more abt the nudism. Not too comfortable but had a blast swimming naked.. 

Went Tuesday for the first time now I am hooked!!

For years I wanted to try a clothing optional beach but was always to shy. This past Tuesday I took the leap and all I can say is wow I wish I did it sooner. Now I am totally hooked and have decided to take the afternoon off today and go again!! The only thing I wish I had was someone (preferably a woman but anyone will do) to share the afternoon with.
Anyone else heading over early afternoon ?

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