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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Wednesday 5/25 Roll Call

Who is going Wed? Always like to meet new people


The weather looks very good for Wednesday. Hopefully many people will feel the same way and make plans to go to the beach.

Ride share from Trenton area wanted

Looking to share a ride from Trenton area, close to Rt 1 and I-195, walking distance to I-295 exit ramp.

I have a Senior National Park pass to allow half price entrance.

I am 64, intelligent, well educated, well rounded, and a good conversationalist if you choose.

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Wednesday 5/25

I'll be there! 

Sunday report 5-22

Stuck with weekends, wasn't much to work with this week.  But the WWII people were going to be at the Gunny bunker today, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Walked onto the beach, 11am, raining.  Less than ideal beach weather.   But there were people out there!   Leave it to Gunny.  I set up my umbrella and waited out the weather.  Sun came out!!  At least for a while. Was mostly cloudy but warm enough.  Really was not a bad day at all.  Typical... about 4pm the south wind kicked in and chilled down the beach.  Had to leave then.

Some notable observations....

South end was still open. 

The bird people roped off a section in the middle of the main beach.  Can't see anything inside, except shells.

There was a photo shoot.  3 clothed dudes and a blond nude model.  They had a step ladder. First time I have seen a ladder at Gunnison. 

Water is still very cold.  Went in, but only for a brief time. 

Something else new, a bell.. ringing out to sea.  Could be a buoy.  Not sure.  Been going to Gunny for years, can't remember hearing a bell.

Oh, and the WWII thing was very cool.  Those guys deserve a lot of credit.  All volunteer, and they are restoring the Gunnison battery, and giving really informative tours.  I highly recommend taking advantage of those, next time they are there. 

Nude Shakespeare in Central Park

I used to drive into NYC somewhat regularly but it has been at least 15 years since I've been there.  Just stumbled onto this story on FB that an all nude cast put on the Tempest in Central Park.  They did the show for two days.  Would have been fun to go to.  The most annoying thing is the comments on the FB post from people condemning how horrible nudity is.  One of the "best" posts was from somebody saying, how dare they do this in the park, people take their children there!  Yeah, that's a big danger, children seeing nude people acting in an outdoor play...not to mention all of the violence they see on tv, the drugs they are exposed to at school, etc.

Today 5.21

I've never seen the beach this empty...

Beach Reports- good or bad

The weather has been cold, bad, suckie, annoying and a few other unmentionables, but has anyone been there and is willing to give a beach report? 

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Beach Conditons??

Please clarify: I've read in various posts that the blue mats are & probably the beach is under water. Is that a condition that has passed or is the area still flooded? Hope to make a visit on Friday and  would like to know what to expect.

Thanks for the update,


Looking for guy or couple to join us on beach

Looking for couple or guy be under 32 years old to hang out on beach. Must cam verify to make sure you are who you say you are. If interested email us at with a picture stats age what you looking for. Can also can and trade pictures by showing on cam to prove real

Ideal Temperature & Wind Speed Question

I went to Gunnison for the first time last year in June and while it was a fun experience the water, combined with the wind velocity, made it a far nippier day at the beach than I had expected! At what velocity do you find that the wind speed is just too higher for a beach day? And what isyour ideal temperature for a beach day at Gunnison?

Nike history

Here's an interesting article about the old Nike nuclear missle base on Sandy Hook.  Includes a rare color photo of Nine Gun Battery firing in 1941.  Looks like it was a good beach day.

They conduct tours of the missle base.  It's pretty cool.  Next one is this Sunday.  Here is the schedule of 2016 tour dates.

If the weather at Gunny is freakishly cold and windy, the Nike tour is a great backup plan.   And the lighthouse tour, which is available every day.

Officers Houses

Looking for a place to stay that's close to Gunnison beach?  If you have $500,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you could lease one of those historic houses on Officers Row.   Half mile from Gunny.

They are actually hoping to attract a bed and breakfast entrepreneur to lease at least one of the houses.

Here is a CBS news story about it:
Oh, but they are a bit of a fixer-upper.  Have a look inside....

Perhaps they should look into having This Old House do a season on one of these restorations.  Would be a great story.  And then some of the materials and labor are donated to the project.


Bathrooms - and black cables sticking out of the ground

Does anyone know if the bathroom at Gunnison are open?  I saw many port a johns over by the park just before MAST, i'm not sure what they're for.  Also, does anyone know what all the black cables sticking up from the ground, along the ride in are for?  THanks.

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