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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

We are Looking to book a trip to a clothing optional resort in Tulum Mexico named intima

Has anyone ever been there and what was the average age

Almost May 1st just put the heat on

My house wtf is going on

Waiting for the right day

I was a first timer in August 2015. I can confirm that this beach is addictive. I have no problem making the 2 plus hour drive. Waiting for the right day to start off the 2016 season. I go alone because my wife will not even consider going to this beach. Hoping this year to make some aquaintances rather than always being alone. This is a challenge when you are a senior.

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Springtime at Gunnison

Around this time of year, many of us (including myself), get Gunny Fever. Unfortunately the weather at the Beach tends to differ quite a bit from the weather even just a few miles in. Actually from past experience, the weather in the parking lot can be quite different less than a mile away on the beach.

 One one the main causes, as pointed out by a few recent posters, is the wind. It not only brings the temperature down, but the blowing sand can make for an unpleasant experience. While it can occur at any time of day, early afternoon is when it usually tends to pick up.

 With the ocean temps too cold, and the water by the showers still off for the season, this could make for a very uncomfortable ride home, especially of a distance.

My drive to Gunny is abt 1 1/4 hours, - Not the worst, but I have learned the hard way not to bother unless 1) Mostly Sunny  2) Temp at the Beach 75 or above  3) Wind less than 10 MPH. ...... I tend to use weather. as a source, with Monmouth Beach as location (Others feel free to provide their source)

Anyway, nothing worse than a Springtime cold when the weather finally turns nice !







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Looking for others to sit with this season

I'm always looking for others to meet at the beach been going for years and I know some people at the beach but it be nice to have some company to sit with when I'm going alone and if I was going with someone it's nice to have a others to sit with as well. 45 divorced here but in a relationship with a great woman that gos with me to the beach on the weekends.

Going today

Me and wife will be there around noon young couple looking for couple under 30 or select males feel free to stop by and say hi

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Monday or Wednesday?

Ummm, to go tomorrow or Wednesday? Monday will be 68 Wednesday will be 64. Any thoughts?

Ride from nyc

Hey ya'll ! Anyone here driving from nyc mind hooking it up with a ride? Im down to provide $$ for gas ! Thanks !

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* Clothing Optional *

So I had seen that in London there is going to be a Clothing optional Restaurant as of now there is a list of 10,000 people waiting

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Greetings from Hippie Hollow!

Visting the Austin, TX area & have been visiting Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis for the past few days. It is a great experience. Much different than Gunny. H H is comprised of several coves as it follows along the Lake shore. These coves are formed by the shape of the limestone surrounding it. Lake Travis has been at  about 103% capacity due to all the rain.

The people have been friendly & great.

I miss Gunny though & look forward to my visit in the next few weeks. My numerous visits at Hippie Hollow have given  me a good start on my tan for the upcoming  season  at Gunny.

Any one visiting the Austin, TX area put a visit to Hippie Hollow on the top of your list.

Can't wait to be back with Gunny crowd!

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Monday April 25th- Anyone going?

Weather for Monday looks gorgeous. Hope to make my inaugural visit for 2016.


Anyone else going?  Looking to make it more enjoyable w fun company.  

Sunday, April 24th

Weather is looking promising for Sunday.  64 degrees with plenty of Sun.  Anyone going?

Cross-pond field trip?

Is there a prettier way to publish links?

Video from Gunny

Found a youtube that includes some video from Gunnison.  I guess it is just a couple recording their vacation.  But you can definitely tell what beach they are at. 

You have to skip ahead to about 12 minutes in.  Then there are a few more scenes at Gunny after that.

BTW.  I don't recommend taking video like this at Gunnison.  But it seems they didn't catch anyone too close in the background.   I recognized a few people though.

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