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Keeping it running costs $$$

Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

Mobi-Mat®. Update


05/20/15 Update:

The first 100 foot mat has been purchased today and is being delivered to the park Friday, May 22nd.  The NPS will set up the new mat (and future ones we hope to be able to purchase) after the existing ones so people can actually see the progress of our efforts. We really can't thank everyone enough for donating thus far. Just keep in mind that this project is ONGOING and is going to take time. It is only because of everyone's generosity that this is possible.  We have 600 feet to go to meet our goal. We hope that everyone seeing these quick results and the first mat out before opening day inspires others to donate.  This also supports the fact that this is a legit fundraiser.

Eric and Erika 

First Time Couple Questions


My girlfriend and I plan on going to Gunnison within the next few weeks, I'm 22 she's 20.  We're both interested in being nude on the beach for the first time.

We're a little anxious because we're not sure if we'll be the only younger people there.  I'm also a little worried though after reading the disturbing amount of posts on this forum that there are people who sneak pictures or harrass you.  I wanted to ask for opinions on the best times to go and how frequent this behavior actually goes on.  I don't want our first time experience to be hurt by anything weird. Thanks.

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1st time great

Went today for the 1st time to a nude beach was had no problem getting naked in front of people lol was surprised how many people around my age where there. Played some frisby but the only problem was I was by myself wish I had more people to talk maybe I'll meet someone from here to hang with PS couldn't get over how may sexy women was pleasnlty surprised lol

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seems like everyone is on tonight.....must be summer again.....


young couple looking for another couple for friends

We are going every sunday this summer and looking for other young couples to spend time with. We are a married couple both 26 looking to stay in our age range. Let us know if you wanna meet and we can talk here or on yim.

First time going- a few questions..

I'm a guy that's going to a nude beach for the first time. Never done this before, but this looks like it's fun and liberating, so I want to give this a try. But I have a couple of questions..

1) Other than parking or the ferry cost, is there any kind of admission cost I have to pay to get into Gunnison Beach or is the beach itself free?

2) Should I shave my pubic hair before I go? Yes, I know it's a nudist area and most people don't care how others groom their pubic area, but I would feel better if I fit in and did what most people are doing. I would feel uncomfortable if I shave and all the other men were not shaved or vice versa. So, are most men shaved or not shaved?

3) Since this is my first time, I'm afraid of getting an erection. Do I have to be careful about this and hide myself if that does happen?

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Memorial Day

Anybody wanna join me on Memorial day

Question for a first timer

i have never been to a nude beach before. do i have to take my cloths off or can i keep them on until i am comfortable. also what days r the least ammount of people on the beach and times in the day.

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First timer

Hi I am Raj, 32 years old guy...First timer little anxious/nervous so looking for good company.

If anyone going to gunny from jersey city/Ny ...please let me know!

Seastreak Coupon !

New Yorkers, read the small print & save some money with this! 

If you don't see a coupon here, follow this link.

Lifeguard, is there a problem with image displays ? 


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June 5, 2015 meet up?

Hi there.


I am coming for vacation to NYC June 4th to 7th and planning on visiting Gunnison on Friday, June 5th or Saturday, June 6th.


I would like to meet people there. If anyone plans for either day let me know I will adjust accordingly.



who is here?

Working the vb net

Looking for a beach buddy!

Whats up,looking for a straight beach buddy to hang and drink with at the beach my gf won't join me so I started going last year by myself and made a few friends but would be nice to make some new friends2 this season! 32 italian straight guy fit and active.

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Fishing on the beach

Does anyone here do any fishing when they go to Gunny?  I was there Sunday morning and saw some folks past the sand bar that forms at low tide.  


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Facebook Group

Hi guys, I started a new Facebook group for anyone interested. About 35 members so far, looking for it to grow. Just search it out on Facebook, I can't seem to post the link on here. Hope to see you there. Great way to find friends while at the beach

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