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Married couple looking for married couple or single women for a day at the beach.

Married couple looking to meet married couples and single women for a day at the beach. Looking for like minded people for a fun day in the sun. This is our second season going to Gunnison. Were thinking of going going any day August 4th to August 10th weather permitting. Anyone off during the week and interested in joining us let us know, the more the merrier.

Thursday Was First Time at Gunnison

about camping

Wife and I are camping at the park, spend a

couple days  

on the beach this month! 


Does anyone

know if 

nudity is ever 


Seen at the camground?




In Need Of A New First Impression

So I finally built up the courage to go to Gunnison all by myself. July 30 is the day! I've been planning for weeks, reading blogs...I'm not going to chicken out! I get to the beach. I'm looking for a not too crowded patch of sand. I spot a seamingly cool area (to the far left of the lifeguard station). I lay my towel down, get comfortable & disrobe. Ahhhhh! Freedom. I love this! First hour went very well. Second hour not so much. First I get approached by what I thought was a friendly gentleman. He introduced himself & struck up a harmless conversation. While we are talking, a lifeguard comes running over to inform us that we are in the "clothing mandatory" section? What the??!! I thought the whole beach was nude once you got past the warning sign about nude sunbathers. OMG! I didn't see the sign about clothing optional area because A.) Someone's tent was blocking it B). I was too busy looking down, trying to make sure I didn't step on any thing that would cut me. Bloody helll! Ok, it was getting close to time for me to leave anyhow. So I jet. The "nice" gentleman escorts me back to my vehicle. We chat a few moments before I realize what's up. He was looking for "instant affection". He damn near attacked me in the lot! What a creep! Thank God a crowd of people seemed to be coming into the parking lot at that point. Best advice for single ladies coming to Gunnison for the first time by themselves: Don't. Or at very least portray like you've been stuck in angry for the past few years. I left Gunnison feeling terrorized & in tears.

Friday August 1

Looking for friends to go with on Friday. I am a normal, athletic, white guy in his 30's. I plan on going Friday and it would be great to have friends to hang with for the day. Let me know.

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New to beach

Big smile First time going to nude beach in the states. I love being naked and love being naked outside even more! I will be going the 23rd-24th and would love to meet any and everyone that wants to meet me. I am hoping to come with someone but not sure.

Are there porta pottys at Gunnison?

What do you do if you must use the bathroom are there porta pottys or must you get dressed and walk 1/2 a mile to restrooms?

Another arrest this afternoon!

The rangers were at it again today.  It was a beautiful afternoon, however late in

the afternoon an older male was confronted by a male and female ranger, who

accused him of "touching himself while looking at those women."  I would have 

assumed they were exhausted from arresting people at Saturdays' swingers fest!

First time at a nude beach

I'm planning to visit Gunnison Beach alone, I'm a male 49 years old, on Thurdsday, July 31. This is my first time at a nude beach and I'm excited and also nervous about going. One question I have is would it look stupid if I wore one of those wrist bracelet to carry my car key on when I walk the beach? The reason I was going to do that was that I was concerned if I walk away from my back pack and chair and just by chance something happens to my back pack and car keys I don't want to be naked and not able to get into my car. As I said I'm a little nervous since this is my first time. Also I was wondering is it possible to take a full shower when I leave the beach I have a 3 hour drive home and wanted to wash all of sand and sea salt off for the drive. Neal in PA.

Jelly things

In case you want to bore your beach pals with useless trivia, those "jellyfish eggs" we have been swimming with for the past few days are actually not jellyfish or eggs.    They are salps.  They ride up from the south on warm water currents.  And they are not eggs.  That is them.  The ones we see are about as large as they get in NJ waters.   And they wont grow into a swarm of stinging jellyfish.   When the currents shift again, they will vanish as suddenly as they appeared.   They are completely harmless, but certainly a very strange feeling swimming with them.   Like swimming in soup.

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Hello everyone! Finaly made a account and looking forward to getting in contact with fellow nudist to take part in fun social nudity events and activits! Smile

still deciding to try the whole nudist thing

havent gone yet, but cant make up my mind to go yet

married couple looking for a couple or a lady

Hello Gunnison Goers,

We're a young married couple (30 years old) from Manhattan.  Recently start going to Gunnison and loving it.  Looking to make some new friends; either another couple or a single lady to hit Gunnison together.

We're mostly fit, nerdy and laid back.

-The noobs

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aug 15 or 17

we are finally going on either fri 8/15 or sun 8/17. inviting friends but have a feeling it will be just us. we had to move to MA about 2 years ago, but lived in south jersey before that. pretty young blonde with an older guy, we're the ones with black rings on our right hands

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which day is better?

We are FINALLY making our first visit in mid-August. Our options are to go Friday or on Sunday. Read that there are more people on Sunday. We want to socialize and make new friends. Is Friday busy enough or should we go with Sunday. All this si  subjecct to weather and we know that no day is bad. Just want to make the most of it! Thanks

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