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Life Is Good And It Shows!!!

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Beach Mat Fund Raising

Good Morning Gunnison Friends!!


Spring has returned and Summer is right around the corner. Time to plan for multiple trips to Gunnison Beach!! Since 2015 we have raised approximately $10,110.00 to purchase 250 feet of mat for the beach. The park also purchased the curved piece. So overall our efforts have extended the pathway about 300 feet. The figure below will illustrate where we are. The pink star is where the mat used to end. The yellow star is where it has been extended thanks to all of our efforts. We have $847.75 remaining from previous donations.

A 100 foot piece costs $3,527 and a 50 foot mat costs $2035. The GoFundMe account was archived for lack of donations. However, we previously mentioned setting up a PayPal account to eliminate fees taken out of donations by GoFundMe. You may still incur fees based on your payment method but that will not decrease the amount contributed to the donation.

Please follow this link: or login to PayPal and send your donation to


Thanks, Erika​ & Eric

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OK People Lets Be Respectful and act like Adults

Some very Simple Rules of the SIte:

  1. We are not a SEX Site.  We Are Not About Hooking Up.
  2. Keep The Profile Pics tastefull (No Close up of Genitals) 
  3. Do Not Harass anyone on the site you will be banned.

Please Act  like adults and respect the rules.


We are about providing information about Gunnison Beach. We Do Not promote Breaking The LAW (Like Sex On The Beach)

There are way more of you than there are of me and I truly appreciate you folling the rules and not making me a baby sitter.





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Hoping to make a Trip either Sunday 6/25....or Monday 6/26 Smile

Sunday June 25th

I'm gonna rock OT with my c**k out! With my wife f course too!!! Who's in??

Monday 6/25

hi all -  i am "playing hooky" tommorow 6/25 -- any beach buddies up for a gunny trip? 40s fit guy here. first beer is on me Smile

Looking to relax and read a little 06/29 pending weather

I went to Gunnison for the first time a few weeks ago. It was fun, but it felt a little lonely being there alone around all these people there together. If anyone plans on going that day and wants to relax and talk a little, let me know.

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Any other men experience this??

I want to start off by saying I am completely serious about this and I was hoping if someone else has experienced this problem they might be able to help me fix the issue. I arrived at the beach very excited to be there and join in on the nudity experience. I soon realized I seemed to have a "dripping" problem. I tried to be discrete about constantly dabbing and absorbing the evidence. I was there that day for approximately 6 hours and it didn't seem to let up. I hope the more I go to the beach the less the faucet drips. I definitely don't want to offend anyone with this problem but I'm not really sure how to stop it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is anyone going tomorrow, Saturday June 24?

Thinking about heading over tomorrow around noon once the rain stops and it's supposed to be sunny in the 80's..

Cant wait to relax and soak up some sun!

looking for an older woman to sunbath and chat


I plan to go to Gunnison tomorrow, Saturday June 24th to soak up some sun and tan.
Any older women interested in sitting together to tan and chat?

Looking for hotels/ beach partners


New to this beach but not new to the lifestyle. I'm lookin to go the third weekend of July and was wondering if anybody know any good hotels that's  near by?

Second time and looking to meet others.

Hello all- We are a couple in our 30's. We went once late in August. We had such a great time. We can't wait to go again. We are definitely planning on going in July. We want to meet other couples/ people to make the experience so much more exciting.

Has anyone stayed at the Camp Gateway?

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on camping at the site for a few weekdays. 

It seems it's a walking distance from the Gunnison beach. 

Anyone did this before? I know that the camp's conditions are primitive,

but being so near to the ocean and a nudist beach is definitely the selling point.

Is the beach still populated on Wednesdays-Fridays?

Thanks in advance for the info.

{39 yo gay male who loves to relax in nature and socialize}

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Watch Out Driving

A ranger pulled me over on Wednesday (we were headed to North Beach, not Gunnison) and told me to slow it down. I must have been going about forty, but I wasn't even keeping pace with the rest of the traffic, all of which cruised smoothy past us. The ranger was a decent guy, but he could have singled out anyone. Instead he got us. Whatever. I suppose he just wanted to make a visual point to the other drivers--typical badge thinking. But watch out anyway.

Sunday June 25

Anyone going this Sunday that would like to meet up, looking to make new beach friend ,groups or singles

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